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My Daughters' Punchy Animals

Since I posted "Carly's Cat", my 6 yr. old begged me to help her make a large animal and she LOVED that mouse card that { allee's } did for the WT106 challenge, so we pretty much CASEd the babies from her card. Maddy literally SQUEELED " cute!" when she saw it, so that's the first thing we did this morning...and you know kids!!--she was NOT going to let me forget to help her today!! :o) And Carly added a couple baby kittens to her momma in this bottom picture. She did all the punching and sponging etc. herself. I think I have a couple of great future stampers on my hands. Maybe they'll be demos and then I can get a discount!? Lol!! (please leave a comment--it will make their day!)

Butterfly Beauty #1

These pictures of my girls were taken at Walmart a few years ago. They had these butterfly wings and "halo"s and they made such cute butterflies! My scanner is only 8x10" so I couldn't scan them, but I took pictures with my digital and so you can't see that the background is stamped with the "Daisies and Swirls" background stamp (? can't remember the exact name of it). I also stamped their name and then added descriptive words to either side; however it made sense. Some words describing Carly include: conservative, creative, cute, artsy, always ready to shop!, good listener, likeable, lovable, busy, silly, young lady.

Butterfly Beauty #2

And here's Maddy...some of her descriptive words include: mischievous, mommy's girl, angel in disguise! (lol), funny, cuddly, delightful, dramatic, darling, you just have to love her!

*Berry* Cute

A funny story goes with this picture! I made my other daughter her first Easter dress out of this red/white checkered material that had teddy bears picnic on it and this "hat" was actually her little purse! But when it got handed down to my youngest, she put the purse on her head and used it as a hat...she LOVED that "hat" and wore it a lot! It was sooo funny, but when I told her it's a purse, she just shook her head and said, "No...hat!" LOL! :0)

Enchanted Forest

HERE WE COME!! :0) This was such a fun vacation and not very far from where we live (about 3 hrs). Ya know, it's kinda sad, but I'm always the one taking the pictures and hardly ever end up IN them!! I guess I feel kinda vain to tell my hubby, "here, take a picture of ME now!" lol!! But I need to do that more often so the girls can have photos of me too for their albums. Here's a couple more pics of my 2 page layouts of this vacation:


I just love the look of black and white photos for scrapbooking, but because they are more expensive, I don't use them too much. I wish I would've gotten more of them when the girls were babies. Anyway, this page uses the retired set "Fruit Medley". This is just one of the 2-page layout.

At the COVE!

This page uses the set called "Summer Fun". I'm sure most of these older pages that I'm just now uploading all use retired SU! sets.

Gramma's Garden

I used "Fanciful Flowers" set for this page.

Maddy Turned 3!

In case you're wondering, she's 6 now, lol! I'm just uploading some scrapbook pages I made a while ago. Better late than never, huh? I used the Set, "Perfect Party" for these pages.

Summer Fun *Kit*

Saturdays are "Scrapbookin'Days" on SCS, or if you prefer the Inspiration Challenge, but I decided since I'm stuck at home today, that I would upload all those stamped scrapbook pages that I've had hidden in a file and never uploaded! ;0) This was a kit put together by my local scrapbooking store, Raining Fresh Daisies for a contest entry. No, mine didn't win :( You had to use something of everything they gave us in the kit and we could manipulate it any way we wanted. The winner actually took the yellow paper and cut a huge sun out of it and put it on the pink pages and each ray of the sun had descriptive words about summer written on them. Neat! ( sorry I don't have a picture to show ya!) I used my stamp set called (oh,'s not coming to me!) If you know the name of this flower set, please leave me a comment or email me so I can post it! I'm too lazy right now to look it up...come on now--I've got a lot to upload today! lol!!