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Dog, Beach & New Hairdo...

Okay, more randomness for today :)  We took our pomeranian/chihuahua to the beach for the first time.  She loved it!  I knew she would as she loves sniffing out new places and loves riding in the car.  Anywho... before we left, I took her to a new groomer and well.... they got their customer cards mixed up and she got a totally different trim than we went in for.... they shaved her!!  I was so shocked, but it quickly grew on me.  And she really didn't seem to mind after the first day or two.  Here's our li'l cutie on the beach... And here's a new "Do" I did on my daughter Carly.  This is a really fun updo that starts with a dutch braid (inside out braid) at the front right temple and makes an "S" shape around to the left and back to the right.  Then you pancake one side of the remaining braid and spiral it up into a flower.   You can find the Youtube Video for this HERE Be back soon with some new releases from my store, www.imagin