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Some Easy Scrappin'

I kinda came around to doing these pages of my daughter's baptism by accident today. I was pulling out scrap paper for another project when I realized out of all my hoards of dp, these papers were the only ones that matched my pictures!! What a coinkydink, huh? : p Funny too, because they are suppose to go together, and it just so happens that someone sent me these paisley chipboards a while ago and they are the perfect accents to tie this blue page in with the orange. pics aren't really crooked...I took the picture crooked and cropped it down lol. I put stickles on the paisley chipboards and on the yellow paisleys in the orange paper. The blue paper actually DOES HAVE quite a bit of purple in it. Can't tell from the photo. Thanks for stopping by. I thought about having a poll to see how you like my new blog look but I figured, "why bother, I'll be ready for another change pretty soon!" LOL. :D Take care!!