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LOC Birdhouse Gift Box

Good Morning!!  I've mentioned before that I love birds and I have a collection of birdhouses. In fact, my hubby made me a special shelf above the entrance to our kitchen and added some lattice wood behind it so I can set my collection of birdhouses that he and the girls buy me on special occasions on. So when I read about a challenge to create "d├ęcor for the home" I was all over the birdhouse idea. I recently came across Norma's blog post where she made this cute lantern gift box ! So I ran with that idea, made a few changes to suite my purpose and here it is! The black-looking circle behind the bird is actually acetate so you can see the gift inside! Here is the box with the lid off. and here is the underside of the lid. The base of the box and the base of the lid is made from 4" coasters that I covered both sides with my newest pad of Mariposa glittered Designer Paper. The red "box" is then attached under the top coaster and will fit snug inside the