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My Adventures in Cake Decorating

Many years ago,  before we had kids, I had made my husband a birthday cake (1st cake I ever made).... and well, like they say, "A picture is worth 1,000 words"   Ya I know... it looked SOO bad! 😂😂😂 I didn't have "cake pans", but he didn't care, it was his favorite cake that his mom used to make him which was an orange poke cake with an orange flavored Jell-O poured down through the holes, and covered in an orange cream cheese frosting, and it TASTED yummy! But, after we had our first child, and given how bad my first cake looked, I decided I'd better learn to decorate cakes for the many birthday parties to come, so I took a 6-week Wilton Cake Decorating course through the Michael's Craft store and I learned ALOT! Of course I purchased some actual cake pans to start!  She gave us tips on how to bake our cakes evenly and tips on stacking, leveling, and crumb-coating them.  Then we brought our cake with us each week and learned to decorate them in