Monday, April 14, 2014

So Proud of My Girls!

This past Saturday both my girls competed at State with their National History Day projects and they both won first place!!  That qualifies them to compete at the National level in Washington D.C. in June.  There was one other girl from our H.S. that got to compete as well and she also won first place in her division.

They could choose to present their research work in one of five ways: as a paper, an exhibit, a performance, a documentary, or a web site.  The theme this year was "Rights and Responsibilites."  Maddy (8th grade) did an exhibit on Helen Keller, (the first deaf blind person to earn a bachelor of Arts degree) adding swinging panels on her exhibit for extra room, and Carly did a 27-page research paper on the "Kennewick Man" which refers to the bones of the man found on the bank of the Columbia River in Washington state that scientists are dating 9,300 years old (before any of the Native American tribes have been dated here in America).  They started researching their topics last November and spent many, MANY hours and days after school and even a few Saturdays as the day drew closer.

There were 3 overall winners of a $500 scholarship which Carly was awarded one of them.  All the girls want to compete in Maryland which will mean lots more fundraising in the next couple of months.  Resee will get her trip paid for by her Tribe, however, with funds being cut, my girls will have to find ways to earn the $ and quick!  Any ideas??  :)

This first pic is of the 3 girls from our town (all 1st place winners!), Miss Oregon (as she has been involved in National History for the past 4 years) and their T.A.G. teacher, Ms. Courtney Lupton

Woot - a picture of Carly with her braces off *Ü*

Come on Maddy, SMILE!  :)

The 3 Madras competitors and Ms. Lupton