Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Rice Filled Heating Pads for the Kiddos

Merry Christmas everyone!  It's Christmas eve as I type this and wanted to share some last minute sewing projects I made for our great-nieces and nephews tomorrow. I saw these rice-filled "Heating Pads" on Pinterest last week and thought they'd be perfect for the young kids.  They can be thrown into the microwave (they use 100% cotton materials, so they won't melt in microwave) and kids love them to keep em warm on a cold winter night, or they can comfort a tummy ache or achy muscles.  You can also add lavendar which can help them sleep better.  I chose not to just because I don't know if any of them have allergies.

I bought the owl pattern and instructions found in this post.  I made a couple of the owls, and then I altered the pattern to make 2 kitties, tractors and a butterfly!   I used cute patterned flannel (doubled up) and then felt for the eyes, beaks and tires.  I strongly suggest if you do this to use the infusable fleece to give more structure and stability behind the flannel.  

I wish you all a very blessed Christmas tomorrow!  Thanks for stopping by *Ü*

Thursday, December 19, 2013

2-Hour Rosette Tree Project

Hey all... Kris here with a 2nd crafty project in a week, *high fives* LoL.  I found Karon's Krafty Korner from a comment she left me and found some fabby tutorials!  I just had to try her fun (rosette) Christmas tree since my daughter had just bought a big 12x12 pack of Christmas papers at Joann's last weekend.  This is so easy to make, and took me about 2 hours to complete.  If you have a Score-Pal (which I don't) it might even go quicker!  You can find her chart for the rosette sizes HERE.  Took this to work today and put on my desk - very festive & has already gotten compliments :) 

*Note to self for next time I make one:  1)  add a small heavy rock in the base of my tube for sturdiness, 2) add a dimensional between the small rosettes near the top that were 1/8" pleated so they are evenly spaced with the rest of the tree. 

Look at all the fun Christmasy papers!! 
*TIP:  be very careful not to score too hard - the papers are thin and will cut all the way through.  If this happens, add a li'l hot glue, push the cut closed and position that part in the back so nobody's sees it, LOL. 
I used a toilet paper roll, cut down about an inch or so, and wrapped in paper and ribbon.  I didn't want glue showing on the outside, so I dripped tons of hot glue down inside the tube so it attached the base to the roll.  :)  Be ye careful!!  Hot glue HURTS!  And that's how my mom lost her finger prints - too much hot glue ouies over the years.  ;)

The green felt doily worked nicely as a "tree skirt" sorta thingy.  I bought a package of them at the dollar store.  :)  Happy Crafting!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lantern Gift Box

Carly and I got crafty last weekend - we needed some gift boxes/gifts.  She still has a couple things to finish up her box - it's not a lantern like mine, so I'll show hers a li'l later.  I made a couple of these last year, so this popped in my head, makes for nice gift-giving.  For this lantern I used Jenn's Lantern with this tutorial.  Hope you're all enjoying the holidays :) 
 This is a flameless, battery-operated candle. 
((Do not use a flame candle in this paper box or you'll likely have a fire on your hands!!))
OR... you can fill it with wrapped candies
or other little gifts.

The Lamp Post, Holly, Poinsettia & open leaf dies that I used on this are from La-La Land Crafts.  (all their dies cut beautifully the first time with no extra shims, unlike some other companies' dies.  Love them!) 

Monday, December 16, 2013

R.I.P. Raja, 1996-2013

Some sad news today... our cat Raja passed away yesterday at 17 1/2 years old. We got him as a little kitten, along with his sister, Squirrel who passed a year ago Mother's Day.  He had a long happy life with us and we enjoyed them very much.  He now rests with Squirrel under the big tree. 

Here's a pic taken at my daughter's bunny's birthday party (yes, the bunny's birthday! Lol)  She made the cats some party hats and put them on their tails.  lol.  Our furry friends do put up with a lot, but as long as he's getting his head scratched, he could care less.  They got lots of lovin' :)

And here's a sweet pic of Raja looking over Squirrel.  They were 2 peas in a pod, loved to cuddle together and kept each other clean.  Very sweet.  Missing them very much.