Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

Hello my crafty friends!!  I wish you all a wonderful & blessed Thanksgiving Day today!  I hope you're surrounded by the love of your family, scrumptious food and great memories!!  My daughter Maddy (13), an aspiring chef, is cooking her first Thanksgiving Dinner for us and her grandparents.  Turkey's in... pumpkin pie is made.... the rest to come.... YUM!  I'll share some pics soon.

Also... if you haven't signed up for my store newsletter, I announced a Black Friday SALE starting now through Saturday, 30th!!!  All Christmas digi sets are discounted at a great price.  You can see them all at our sale section HERE. 

Here are some previews of our Christmas sets available....


Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Tutorials & New Release!

Hi everyone!  Sorry I've been MIA for quite some time... but I've been a busy bee with designing Christmas sets and making tutorials... and posting at my store blog.   Anyhow,  I wanted to share with you my latest Christmas set ... Elegant Ornaments  and a tutorial with you on how you can recolor this set and even paper piece digi papers to them to bring out their beauty even more!

In the store I offer a black set and a colored set which I applied glitter styles to in PS.  However, if you don't have Photoshop, you can download Paint.Net absolutely FREE and with my tutorial, you'll be a pro in no time!  *Ü*

First, we'll start with the easiest one first...


1.        Open your PNG digi in Paint.Net – (You SHOULD see a grey/white checkered background.  That’s the program canvas and not part of your digi.  It shows your digi is transparent.) 

2.  If you don't see these 3 "windows" (above) then go up to "WINDOW" at the very top and select  "Tools", "Layers" and "Colors" 

        3. Click on the PAINT BUCKET tool

        4. Make sure the FLOOD MODE  is selected to GLOBAL 

5.  On the COLORS window, click on the color you want your digi to be

6.  Click your digi on a solid part and it should change to the color specified!

                                               That's IT!!  Your digi changed colors :)


Now let's paper piece them with digi paper!

**Tip**  Clicking the pictures to open them full size helps

1.  With your digi open in Paint.Net, click on FILE and click OPEN.  Find your digi paper that you want to piece your digi with and open it.

2.  Optional:  You might want to resize your paper so the pattern will fit nice onto your digi.  I know that my digi is 1600 pixels tall, so I resized my digi paper to 1600 pixels  (go up to IMAGE and click RESIZE)

3.  With the MOVE tool selected, click on the paper (it will put a running box around the page to let you know it's selected)

4.  Click the COPY icon 

5.  On your LAYERS window, click on the layer that contains your digi

6.  Make a new layer by clicking on the "New Layer" icon (bottom left) of the layers window OR you can go up to LAYERS up at the very top and select ADD NEW LAYER


8.  On your LAYERS window, click the down arrow to move the paper layer DOWN

9.  Click DESELECT icon 

10.  Click on the DIGI LAYER on your layers window, and with the MAGIC WAND tool selected, ***MAKE SURE THE FLOOD MODE IS SET TO GLOBAL*** then click on a solid part of your digi  (you should see the black digi highlighted with running dashes to show it's selected)

11.  Now click on the PAPER LAYER in your LAYERS window

12.  Go up to the top and click on IMAGE and then click CROP TO SELECTION

13.  Now UNCHECK the top black digi layer in your layers window and WHA-LA!  You have a nice paper-pieced digi.  :)

There's lots more you can do in Photoshop with styles --- adding glitter overlays and shadows etc. that you can't really do in Paint.Net.  But this program does make it easy to recolor and do some fun things... and it's FREE!!

 "Deck the Halls" paper pack shown above will be available tonight in my store!

and here's a sample of my glitter-overlayed ornaments which you can absolutely do in Paint.Net is you use a glitter digi paper!

Happy Creating!!