Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Daughters are Blogging

Hi everyone! Well, today is my daughter's 8th birthday and she's sick :( Had a fever of 103 last night. So, our plans for today are shot, however, we still gave her what she really wanted...a hamster! We couldn't buy just one though, we bought 2 sisters so my other daughter could enjoy one of her own as well. We really were not going to go that route, but after seeing how her heart was set on it, we did it. SO, the girls wanted to set up a blog to show all their pics and write about their new pets. They'd be sooo thrilled if you could jot over and leave them a comment or two ; p

Maddy's Blog (birthday girl- 8 yrs. old today)

Carly's Blog (9 yr. old)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just a note...

Hey all...just wanted to apologize if I haven't responded to your emails, or left you comments on your blog for the last couple weeks! I was without a computer at home...and had limited time at work, in fact, I only took the time to upload some photos and post to my blog a few times. I currently have 108 emails - none of them spam, so it's gonna take me a while to get caught up from the "computer crash." Just wanted to explain why I haven't left comments lately or responded to emails. Thanks for understanding.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thanks...from mini me

My girls say this looks like me...oh good! I'm sending this to my sister as a thank-you for sending me a package, so if it looks like mini me, all the better, lol. (ya, she's still waaay cuter than me!)

Anyway, we finally got our hard drive. Unfortunately, we're having problems. I loaded my Microsoft Office disk, but the photo editor is nowhere to be found :( I use to have another one and I don't even have that. So now, all I have to use is my Photosmart printer editor, which doesn't allow me to add text like I use to for a watermark. And you can't really change the saturation colors etc. I'm really frustrated.

This image was sent to me by Belascreatingplace--Thanks Bela!~ I did have a li'l problem with the black ink running which for most it is hard to tell--the shoes were easy to cover it up, but the mouth and eyes ran, so after it dried, I used a permanent marker and ... ya, it was too thick a line, but oh well.

I don't own any copics, just SU! markers, soI use watercolor pencils and an aqua painter for all my coloring. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to color without water and still get light airy pastels?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mustang Prayers

Here's a card that's very similar to another I made a few weeks ago. This is for a friend of mine.

The butterfly was stamped with the floral butterfly from PTI's Butterfly Kisses in Aqua Cat's Eye pigment ink onto vellum c.s. I heat set it to dry the ink faster, and then applied stickles to the centers of all the flowers. I cute it in half, and turned one set of wings upside down and glued just the center down so the wings will flap. The horse stamp is by Serendipity (MDC - see link at right). And the sentiment is by PTI's Everyday Blessings set.

Country Living

Just thought I'd show you our big backyard. :D Actually, we do have a fenced in yard for the girls, but this is what is just on the other side. We love the country-living. My girls get a huge kick out of the baby calves and they even name them. They can keep track of them by the #s on their tags. Anyway, no we don't own these cows...they are our neighbors--they own a cattle ranch, as well as a few horses for rounding them up. My girls got to bottle feed a couple of the newborn calves. Wish I got pics of that, maybe next time. We may not have the "Martha Stewart" style of country living, but we love it here. It doesn't stink either, believe it or not... not like say a feed lot! Anyway, just wanted to share.

Here's a couple of the "toddlers" as my girls call them. Not so little calves anymore.

To an Unforgettable Friend

My sister is the best :D She sent me this Swiss Dots embossing folder that I've been wanting and couldn't get my hands on. Seems they are so hot that it's hard to keep them in stock.

Anyway, here's just a simple white card (which I don't do often) but I really like it. What do ya think?

I used the word window punch at the bottom and stamped the words inside (from the Pun Fun set). Ellie is from the Happy Heart Day set (both sets from SU!)

Friday, May 23, 2008


Couldn't stay away for I brought my memory card to work so I could upload. -- I should be getting my new hard drive on Tuesday :) Meanwhile, I'm at work, so I'll have to come back and fill in details later.

Have agreat day!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Silly Girls

Hey there. I'm still without my computer at home, so I'm uploading at work.

We had some really nice weather last weekend--up in the high 90's. My girls and I had a fun little photo shoot yesterday, trying to come up with some photos to make a Father's Day gift with. I have a project in mind, so stay tuned for that later. Here's some photos to make you smile.

The flower sprays water and twists and turns in every direction. They were getting water in their eyes and up their noses, so here they are with goggles and plugging nose. SILLY GIRLS!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My hard drive crashed, so I'll be offline for a while. My husband brought home his crappy laptop that;s takig me forever to work the cursor, he's laughing at my typing--the stupid keys are not in the right position. Lol. He just said "they'll be laughing at YOU cause you don't knkow how to use a laptop" haha. yup, well, if the sensor dealy worked proper Maybe I COULD! anyway, I'll post some stuff when we get a new hard drive :( Talk about withdrawals.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Celbrating with Friends

Our friends are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary this weekend, in fact, we just got home from the "party."

I printed their picture onto Avery 5160 Address labels and used sideways text boxes to print the words "Happy 10th Daniel & Kelly" on one side, and "We Love You" on the other side, then wrapped the labels around Hershey Nuggests. I made 150 of them. My girls helped me wrap the labels...Thanks Girls! ;) Then we put them in crystal dishes on all of the tables.

And here is the anniversary card I made them. The stamp is one I've had for a couple years, it's by Stampendous!

I layered it onto silver metalic cardstock and then onto a white card base. I added stickles to all the roses on her dress, as well as on the coral rose bouquet. Corner punch is SU!

Thanks for looking! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

OH, BTW... it's 98 degrees here in Central Oregon today!! And just to let you know, I've been on Allegra for my allergies and I swear it's a miracle drug! It's worked wonders and I feel 100% better. Thanks for all your comments and prayers. HUGS!

Friday, May 16, 2008


Well, now that Mother's Day has come and gone, it's time to think about Father's Day cards! Here's mine to my hubby:
This is pretty much a total copy of [my favorite stampin diva] Susiestampalot's card <HERE> except I still like hers way better ; p Like sus, I used a Stardust gellyroll pen in silver for his entire armor, so it's really sparkly! Hope you don't mind that I CASED you-- I thought it was such a great idea for my hubby and I think he'll really like it...mostly cause it's different than the usual fishing or hunting cards I make him. :D

The knight is from the "Fairytale" set by Doodle Factory, and the saying is from the "Father Figure"set by Verve Visual

I Must Be Non-Existent?!

Saw this on someone's blog, so I tried it, and....well, I can tell you that I've always lived in the USA and have indeed had this exact name for about 12 years now, so ??? Guess I'm REALLY unique!!?? Lol.
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mini Photo Book

Happy Monday! Hope you mothers had a wonderful weekend. Here's a little photo book I personalized for a friend :D

I had a bunch of these 4" coasters and I'm sure I saw this in blogland somewhere, but not sure exactly where? I just used some of my SU! designer paper. I cut my paper a little larger than my coaster, cut off the corners, and overlapped the extra onto the back side (I used double-sided tape for all dp). Then, I cut the backside with coordinating dp and cut slightly smaller than the coaster and taped it over the over-lapped pieces. There might be a better way to do this, but I wasn't following a tutorial, just making it up as I went along. It actually does show the corners a bit :(
I used a sheet of letter stickers, but only had one sheet of them, so I had to really choose the words carefully. It turned out okay though. The only part I stamped was the piece on the front.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Allergy Shots and a Kid's Card

Can you believe that my 7 year old daughter made this card?! And the ONLY thing I helped her with is I cut a few strips of paper to cover the right hand fence so she could stamp the tree behind it. She did everything else herself!! :D
This set is called "Big Backyard" from A Chemistry With Paper. She added yellow stickles to the doggy's spots and the roses. She also cut her own cloud tempate and make the sky :D
Here's a close up of the dog with the bone in his mouth.
And secondly, today I went in for allergy shots. Not fun. They poked me 58 times (same sitting) and I'm allergic to 50 of them!! Some of them were off the charts and the welts were so big and running together with the ones next to them that it made it hard to even measure. All that just to have him tell me to come back in 2 months and we might put you on shots. GRRRRR!!!! I was sooo disappointed. He's a firm believer in nasal sprays and then try perscription antihistimines and see if that helps first. I told him "Been there, done that" and he said, well, come back in 1 mo. and we might start shots then. I was sooo irritated by his attitude and decisions. I actually had to have steroids after the testing because my welts were so bad. THEN, they tested me on food allergies, just a few, but I'm allgergic to wheat, eggs and peanuts too. I have to go 10 days straight cutting out all the foods I tested positive for. So, no more breads, noodles, most of the stuff I like! Hmmm...maybe I'll lose some of these extra pounds I don't need!! LOL :D Well, pray for me please that I get through this next month.

Monday, May 05, 2008

To My Sisster...

No, I'm not a snake...I just messed up royally when I was using my individual KF snap stamps to spell out sister! ;P

I started out at the end and worked my way backwards and I thoughtlessly grabbed the second "s" instead of the "i"---OH WELL!! Lol. She'll get a kick out of it I'm sure. Also, I'm STILL out of double-sided tape :*( so, I decided to stitch it together with my sewing machine. The front layers are attached what I have left of my glue dots.

Here's a pic of the inside.

Stamps set is called "Stylized Flowers" and is from A Chemistry With Paper. :D THanks for looking!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Sketch Challenge

Hey stampers--here's my entry for the sketch challenge about 3 weeks ago SC172. It's been a while since I've done a challenge. Anyway, I turned the sketch upright instead of sideways because I wanted to use this cute image (that was sent to me). I know I shouldn't point out my mistakes, but I'm kinda bummed on this. I color my images using SU!'s watercolor pencils and an aqua painter, but when as soon as I used the waterpen, :( the black outline smeared! I use Stazon so this doesn't happen, but I forgot to ask my sender what ink she used. Oh well, it turned out pretty cute anyway and I guess now I know to use a different method on my other images. The rhinestones in the corners are acutally pink and match really well--just hard to see the color in this photo.

Thanks for looking, and have a happy Monday tomorrow!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Mother's and Mother-in-Law's Card

This is a double-opening card, for TLC166. These were fun. I found this designer paper that my sister gave me for my b-day and haven't used...not really my style, but I know that my mom and mil would really like it, so here are my cards for next week.

The butterfly is from a retired SU! set. The border is from Michael's "Martha Stewart Line." I added some stickles for a little glitz. The red paper is from the same dp pack and is patterned, although it doesn't look like it here. It's color is purely pomegranate, so that's the color ink I used on my butterfly. :D

A Shortage of Fishing Poles...

I love this saying! I'm sure the male recipients will appreciate it as well ;P
Here's a couple more fishing cards for today and then I'm done with TK for a while :D
I don't have any of the fancy inks that I can't pronounce (only because I don't get to town often enough!) but I DO have several colors of Stazon, which I find stamps these images soo much better than any of my classic inks! SO, I tried the green and blue.

For the green card, I used Wild Wasabi and stamped the Linen with the green stazon, and for the blue, well, NONE of the Stampin' Up! colors of cardstock were even close to this color of ink, BUT...luckily I had some Creative Memories cardstock stashed somewhere (I've had for about 4 years now!) and this blue matched PERFECTLY! YEAH!! :D (not so sure about pairing it with the basic grey/black combo, but ??? Nothing else seemed to go well with this bright blue.) i won't be making any more of this blue stazon colored cards--too bright. I LOVE the green though. Wish I had some more masculine ribbon. This was a little piece that SusieStampaLot sent me.

Thanks again for dropping by! I'm in the mood for some cutsey girly cards now...that's what I do best, or at least I like those the best. Have a super stamping weekend!! Maybe I'll even get caught up on some challenges! Links to those are in my righthand column--go check em out!!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Thomas Kinkade Fisherman

I actually got the time tonight to make a second guy card with this Thomas Kinkade (Cornish Heritage Farms) fishing scene. I need to make a few more, so I'm sure I'll experiment more with the colors. I wanted to do Sage Shadow/Black, but don't have sage colored pencils, so I used Wild Wasabi. Both my black top layers have green stardust gellyroll pen "faux stitching" around them--hard to see in this photo, but it's sparkly IRL. The sentiment is from Cheery Chat (SU!) Also, my black layer that has the oval on it is popped up on pop dots, as well as my "soon!" oval. I like my blue card in the previous post better. What do YOU think?

Fish On!!

:D My hubby told me to label it that. I was like "huh?" He said that when there's a bunch of people fishing in the same area, when one gets a fish on the line, they say "fish on" so the others will get the lines out so they don't get tangled up. Ya, new to me! Lol.

Anyway, he really likes this card...but it's not for him. I needed some guy cards for church members this month.

This is my first card made with this Thomas Kinkade stamp. The sentiment is from Cheery Chat (SU!) and I cuttlebugged the Bashful Blue layer with the tiny bubbles folder. The card base is Bliss Blue (it's retired, but I had some cs to use up) What do you think?