Thursday, November 30, 2006

100th Sketch!

Let me clarify...this isn't exactly MY 100th sketch, but this is SCS's 100th week of sketch challenges!! I'm soo addicted to these sketches...makes card stamping so much easier, and I love all the other challenges as well. Not only is this the 100th sketch, but it's the 90th Color Combo challenge as well: Cranberry Crisp, Blush Blossom, and True Thyme (which I substituted Always Artichoke since I didn't have any Thyme *gasp!* :) They usually throw in an alternate color to use in case you don't have one of them. Anyway, click here to see the actual sketch.
Ok...I'm lovin' my "Unfrogettable" set by Stampin' Up! It's great for soo many uses. The Lilypads are actually a wheel called "Lily Pad" (go figure, LOL!) I watercolored the water and lilypads, and then I stamped the frogs on a seperate peice of cs and cut out and attached with pop dots. The cranberry layer is stamped with the "Linen" background stamp, which you can't even tell from this scan, but can see it IRL. For the artichoke, I just cut along the bottom with my scallop "cloud" scissors and then used my 1/16" hole punch and outlined them with the white gel pen (Taylor's touch) but you can't really see that even IRL. The ribbon is also from SU! I never did get the stitched Thyme ribbon, now I wish I had!! I'm a sucker for ribbon, just ask Carly!! :) Thanks for looking.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Tunnel Card

Today's Challenge was to make a "Tunnel Card". If my camera was working right, that would've been better to show you how it stands up and the inside would look right. Anyway, this is the outside here on the left.
My scanner makes these colors look really weird. Her shirt is actually Certainly Celery, and it looks yellowy here. The main card is Regal Rose, and the patterned paper is the "Rebecca" Series from Stampin' Up! The main image is from the set "Wanda's Wit and Wisdom" (also SU!) I doodled around the inside of the oval. The patterned paper is the very top layer, and the white stamped peice is under the brown.

It would be better to link the instructions to you from the tutorial on SCS rather than try to explain them myself. Here's the LINK.
And here is the inside---->
Personally, I don't think I care for this style of card, just because it's extremely bulky! And when you fold it, all the bulk is on one end and it won't close...maybe that's the soon as they take it out of the envelope, it opens up and stays open!? Anyway, it does stand up nice without falling over...if that's what you're going for :) Anyway...
FAMILY LIFE: So...I've just gotta blog about my day. Since I've been sick all weekend, and even though I DID go to work today, I wasn't really "all there" if you KWIM?! So, I had my husband drive the girls to Redmond to the was a new office, and they've been doing construction around there, so the roads have changed into 1-way streets since we were there last. He ended up trying to turn left on a 1-way and ran into someone!! Nobody got hurt, except our pocketbook :) Anyway, my hubby tried to ask the guy if he was okay and stuff and the guy just kept yelling and swearing, etc. etc. so after police left, he walked the girls to the dentist. With a few tweaks, the car was able to make it home (30 min.). THEN, he told me that my 8 yr old has to have 4 teeth pulled very soon. And to top it off, my 6 yr. old has a cavity and needs a silver filling! Oh, and we have a $500 deductible on our car, and after insurance pays for the girls, we will be left paying over $550 next month. Eeeks! *pulling my hair out*...ok...not really. I'm trying to be calm, and I know the Lord has always provided for us in the past, so we're praying He pulls through once again! Christmas may have to be tight this year. Boy, I hope and pray this week gets better really quick, LOL!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Welcome Snow!!

I am giddy with excitement today!! This adorable little 4 1/4" square card was sent to me from Susan Liles (susiestampalot) on SCS. She's very talented and I left her a comment on how much I just LOVED this card and guess what? She sent it to me snail mail
Multistars_1*jumping up and down*!!!
There are brads covered with glitter in the large snowflakes.

She also sent this cute little ATC (artist trading card) pictured here---->
You can't see it here in the scan, but there's dazzling diamonds all over the snowman. Very cute, Susie :)


Winnie Pooh

Another "character pan" shaped cake. Easy to do!

Winnie Pooh Coloringbook Page

One of my first cakes after taking my class. We learned how to take a coloring book page and turn it into a cake image. What you do is lay a peice of waxed paper over your coloring page. Then, using the colored translucent icing (comes in a small tube) you outline the image onto the waxed paper. Then, you carefull flip it over onto your iced cake. Gently rub your fingers over the image until all of the outline is on your cake. Lift up waxed paper and wala! You have your image on the cake! Then, using thinned buttercream icing and a small writing tip (size 1-3) outline over the main outline you already did. Then using a star tip, fill in the image with whatever color you want! You could also fill in the image and then dip your finger in cornstarch and smooth out your filling for a smooth look. (I prefer the star tip because it covers most of your flaws where smooth-filled would show every imperfection!)

Square - Mom's Day

WooHoo! Except for a couple little tiny dents, I succeeded in leveling off the top and making it smooth. The decorative dealies in the corners are from a scroll thingy I have that makes indents on your icing and then you go over the impression with the frosting. I also have one for letters, but not these. These letters are made using just icing in a baggy and squirting it on using the star tip! I like how it turned out. This was for mother's day, but also practicing for my babysitter's 15th b-day, later in May. Here's her cake I did.

Flower - Sunny

This is a flower-shaped pan...the whole flower on top is puffed up. Bottom border is made with the large leaf tip.

Petal Cake

This was for a friend of a friend's daughter. She had gone to my friend's kids' party and saw one of my cakes and asked her about me. So my friend gave her my business card and I was in business!! :) This was a large 2-layered cake, white with raspberry filling. {That's a very popular cake flavor if you ask me!}
I used Wilton's petal-shaped pans for this one. I drew the outline on the top for the flower and filled it in using spiral-movements until petals were all filled in. I made this in her favorite and purple.

Tea Party

The picture didn't scan well. This was for a friend's little girl's birthday with the theme of Alice in Wonderland's "Mad-Hatter's Tea Party". We had it at the park and it was soo fun! I made a 2-layer round cake and iced it with buttercream frosting. Then I took a package of rolled fondant, split it up and colored it, then rolled out the peices. I cut out circles from the yellow tablecloth and inserted colored circles, so it was all flat, not added on top of each other.
The cups were a challenge. If I remember right, I rolled out circles and draped them over a small bowl upside down. When it hardened, I took it off and added the handles. The cupcakes were made using a mini-cupcake pan. I made the flowers out of the fondant, and sprinkled pink sprinkles into the cups. She LOVED the looks of this cake, although, not everyone was too crazy for the texture/taste of the fondant. It tastes okay, but it's stiff and not what they were used to. Can't say that I blame them, but it's a baker's technique that allows us to make out-of-the-ordinary cake decorations.


This was another cake I did for my mom's birthday. Basketweave on sides, roses on top. Rope border for top and shell border on bottom.

Bible Cake

My church asked me to make a cake for Pastor Appreciation Month. I made this using the "Storybook" pan from Wilton. The top is rolled fondant. The sides are regular buttercream frosting and I used the serrated blade and ran it across the sides for the look of pages. The top border has a "ribbon" border with small shells on top. I had someone from church do the writing on top as I don't trust myself yet to write straight!!


Tweety 3-Layered

This was my "practice" cake using dowel rods. I had a b-day party cake to do for a friend, and I had never done different sized layered cakes before, which you have to cut and use dowel rods in the middle so the weight of the top cakes don't make the bottom layer "cave in". I let my girls help decorate it.


Rose Spray

This is my first cake made with roses. We had just learned how to make roses and buds at our class. I think this turned out pretty well for my first try. It was my mom's birthday in July, so I kinda went with those colors. I did write in the blank space, but took this picture beforehand, just in case I totally screwed up the writing!! LOL!!

Heart with Teddybear

This is a 2-layered cake that I baked in a heart-shaped pan (obviously!) I decided to try the "Rope" border on the top layer and the "Basketweave" all around sides of cake. The top is iced smooth (well...I do need practice with smoothness) and the cut-outs are actually cut out of rolled and colored Fondant. It's a stiff icing that you can add coloring to and you roll it out like stiff pie crust. I used cookie cutters to cut out shapes.

The teddybear is a cute 3-d pan that you pour the batter into, set it on a pan and bake, then when it cools, you open up the sides of pan and it comes out whole! This was a fun one to make.

Dinosaur - Kinda Scary

I don't know why...but this dino makes me giggle. At the time, I thought this was waaay too scary for a 4 yr. old! But that's what my friend's son wanted, so I made it. Turns out, it's not very scary compared to other things 4 yr. old boys are into these days!! LOL! {I have 2 girls, so ? I'm not on the up and up when it comes to little boys!} Believe it or not, this was a fun one to do.


This one was a bit of a challenge. The character pan had elmo holding an ice-cream cone in one hand and a present in the other. So, I had to cut some off the top and draw in the drum etc. I had to go to a store where they had these big gum balls and sit there depositing coins until I got 2 of the same color...Any color, as long as I got 2 the same. I think it only took about 4 turns. :)

Baseball Cake

This was a HUGE cake, made to feed about 75 people! The bottom is 2-layered white, filled with raspberry, and the top is chocolate, filled with white buttercream frosting. I had to use 3 dowel rods and a seperator board for the top layer so that it didn't sink into bottom layer.
The "grass" was done with the "hair" tip and the pull-out technique. Grass covers top layer and bottom border. I found the baseball diamond candies at the grocery store.

Blue's Clues

This was baked in a "character pan" that I bought at Michael's. It's just one layer. Easy to do with the star tip and a little smoothing in some spots. I made this for a friend's son's birthday.

Circus Top

This was for my daughter's second birthday. The top was done in a "dress" pan (used for making skirts for barbie dolls) and it's made out of lemon cake. The bottom part was made in a petal-shaped pan, 2-layers and done with white cake mix and rasberry filling. This was my first "tiered" cake and I didn't quite get the 'crystal' columns in straight. :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bashful Cranberries???

Yes...that's what I said :) That's the name of our color challenge this week. The colors for this challenge are Bashful Blue, Cranberry Crisp, and Old Olive. Here's my 2nd card made with these colors. I like ém...they're kinda Christmassy. And, woohoo!! I didn't burn my cardstock this time, LOL!! Well...that might be because I didn't emboss anything on this one!
This was pretty simple, really. I did the faux stitching around the main image, but the wings and hems on snowman already had them in the stamp design, so I HAD to add them :) The "wish" is stamped on the inside of card...word window punched through the olive. I also stamped the Linen background stamp on olive. I just used my scalloped scissors for the bashful blue layer and cranberry, punched holes and outlined with my white Signo gel pen. I kept it pretty simple, since I didn't have a lot of time {kids are home school}, otherwise, I think I would've drawn in a ground and added glitter~yup~love the sparklies...ok, maybe I'll have to add some of that later :)
This little guy I got for FREE from Inky Antics for ordering minimum a while back. Thought this was the appropriate time to use him :) don't ya think?? {oh, I guess it's a "she"...maybe she's a snow fairy!!}

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Botched Friendship

OK...Let me explain :) If you look just to the northwest of 'smack dab in the middle', you'll see my burn mark :( I had this card already stamped, watercolored and embossed (the snow and snowman) and then I went to emboss the snowflakes in the sky when I noticed it turning brown *frowny face*. Guess I kept that heat on it a little too long!! I didn't want this to go to waste, since I had so much into it, so I stuck it on and called it good. Other than that, I'm pretty happy with this card.

I used the sketch challenge, found here. I also used today's color challenge which was Bashful Blue, Cranberry Crisp, and Old Olive. I was excited about the challenge because it gave me that push to finally use that Holiday Thyme paper that's been sitting, waiting patiently for me to use it. Anyway...the main image stamp is called "What A Snow" by Penny Black. The Snowflakes are from Inky Antics, and the sentiment is from "Wonderful Words" by Stampin' Up!. I stamped the main image with Stazon ink onto watercolor paper. I used the Aqua Painter and reinkers to color, and then I white embossed the snow on the ground and some of the snowman (for him, I had to use the versamarker). You can't even see the embossed part in this scan, but just know it's there :) The olive part sticking out on the right side is stamped with snowflakes in olive and then sentiment embossed in white. The card fold is along the top, but there's another fold, where the blue & green diamond paper is, it's folded back with that paper taped onto fold. Frienship is actually stamped 'inside' the card. :) TFL!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Thinking of You...

I needed a card for our pastor and his wife, who's grandma just passed away (Sunday a.m. in fact.)
I had a hard time with this one. It started out waaaay different. In fact, I tried to use that beautiful "Floral" background stamp and just watercolor it, but it wasn't working for me. I even tried a second time with that by embossing bg in black and then watercoloring, and it still didn't work for me. :( So, I gave up with that and started a whole new card with this set. It's one of my favorite sets to work with. It's called "Petal Prints", by Stampin' Up! The sentiment is from "Sincere Salutations", also SU! Leave it to ME to get it crooked!! I am like the worst at mounting my stamps straight! I can't draw straight, or sew straight you get whatcha get!!
I'm sure you wouldn't have noticed my mistake on here if I didn't point it out to you, so I won't mention it LOL! (other than my lines and sentiment is crooked). Guess I should've learned by now to NOT point out my mistakes :) hehe. The organdy ribbon on this is hunter green and matches the hunter layer behind the burgundy peice from "Holiday Thyme" Christmas pack (holiday mini catty). The card is Bravo Burgundy with a Saffron layered on top and stamped with Petal Prints in Saffron for that monotone look. The main image is stamped with burgundy, hunter, hunter-stamped-off markers and then sponged with the Saffron ink. Then I added the hunter ribbon and topped it with gold cord. I just had to set it on my piano to take the picture because that wall is painted a Saffron color!! Thanks for looking :)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Fall Inspiration

Fall is in the air...and it's almost Thanksgiving...a holiday when we express our gratitude for the blessings we've been given. This card was for SCS's Inspiration Challenge #50, you can view it here. (I also used this for the Coppertones WT87 challenge.)

Since I don't own any sunflower stamps *gasp* (not Meee!) , I created one!! First, I stamped the circle from "Little Shapes" with Versamark Ink and embossed with white embossing powder on Yoyo Yellow cardstock. Then I used pastels and Q-tips to go over the white emboss (after I heat-set it). Then I added dots with Close to Cocoa and Really Rust markers. I wasn't extremely happy with the result, so I inked up the circle again with versamark and added Irridescent Ice EP and heat-set. It's very sparkley IRL!!

Then, I stamped the single leaf from "In Full Bloom" set all around the circle in Basic Brown ink. I then masked 2 at a time, and stamped one leaf in between the two. I also used my Aqua Painter and pad ink to watercolor some Summer Sun and Mustard onto leaves and then hightlighted spots with the white gel pen. Then I cut it out and taped onto Ballet Blue cardstock. For the butterfly, I just stamped him in black Stazon and watercolored him, and then added some white highlights. I attached him onto sunflower with pop dots.

For the background, I stamped the "Paisley" bg stamp in Really Rust onto Summer Sun cardstock. Here's where the copper comes in. I DO have copper cardstock, but it didn't match my copper hardware, so I chose Really Rust c.s. I embossed "grateful" onto the ballet blue and attached hardware on top. Added the word window punched peice and added another copper brad. Whew! I think I just broke a record for my longest detailed description of a card E*V*V*A!! :) If you're still reading this, WOOHOO!! Just wanna add how "GRATEFUL" I am for you to even be interested enough in my work to read this. *Big Hug*

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Retro Recipe Box

Here's another recipe box (1 of 7) that I'm making for my sister-in-laws and niece for Christmas presents. I decided not to put the words "recipes" on the front in case they want to use it for something else. I think this is 4 down and 3 more to go. I have those almost done, so you'll see pics of those very soon (this weekend I hope!)
I've been hearing this word "retro" all over the place and I was just wondering, "what is considered 'retro'?" Is it the colors? The style? I looked it up in the dictionary and it says, "designating the style of an earlier time". OK...well that could mean a lot of things!!
I remember this pair of pants I had in the late 70's that were blue and white striped. In the 80's I had several pairs of flowered jeans...not the pretty embroidered ones they have these days, but the kind that were painted all over! Remember those?? My brother used to call me "flower child". I took it as a compliment :) My grandpa painted his whole house green, including his garage and things IN the garage, like his big metal trash cans!! Anyway, I would definately consider this box to be "retro", don't you?" :) Just goes to show you...everything comes back in style if you just give it enough time. *gasp* OH NO...Not those aweful "bellbottoms"!!! That's one thing I won't be buying in the near future! (although, technically they are suppose to make your hips look smaller...mmmmm....I'm thinking, I'm thinking, no thanks!)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wishing You Good Friends...

Woohoo! I actually had time to make the sketch challenge today!!
(see instructions here) ...actually I squeezed it in between work and picking kids up from school. We're home now, so I can post real quick. Tonight is Awana at church and the kids get extra points if they take pop cans, so we'll be digging ém out of the garage today *roll eyes* that's always fun (our garage is our throw-all room...every house has to have one of those!!)

Anyway, this cute stamp is a Penny Black called "What a Snow!" The card is folded vertically along left side. This cut was the focus of this challenge. I just love these colors together. It's Bashful Blue and Real Red. After watercoloring the image with Aqua Painter and pad ink, I added 2-way glue and Dazzling Diamonds for his hat the ground snow. This would be so cool with that liquid applique, but I have yet to buy that!! Maybe for next year. The sentiment was a little larger than I anticipated and so it went off my paper, but OH WELL...guess I should stamp first and cut last next time :) Live and Learn!!

If you like this card, please leave me a comment! Thanks :)

Elegant Snowflakes

's the one that turned out for the color challenge: Elegant Eggplant, Certainly Celery & Bordering Blue (view challenge here). Very easy with this set. I sponged the edges with eggplant, and used the Word Window Punch for the sentiment. The eggplant bottom layer has the small snowflake stamped all over it...that's hard to see in this scan. TFL!!

Emboss-Resist Snowflakes

Take my word...this looks better IRL, LOL!! The scanner does weird things to the colors. Anyway...this started out being for a color challenge, which was Elegant Eggplant, Certainly Celery, and Bordering Blue. TRUST looked baaaad with the eggplant!! I think because the blue and green are so soft and that dark purple was too harsh on this.

The technique is called Emboss-Resist. Here's what you do...first, emboss the white snowflakes on glossy white c.s., then, use a sponge to rub the inks (one at a time!) in circular motion over the snowflakes. After you're done, if needed, you can take a kleenex and wipe off excess ink from the flakes. The embossed part "resists" the ink!! Pretty cool, huh??

For the blue edge, I took the guide off my stair step punch and punched in a line, the length of the c.s. (5 1/2"), then I taped it to the backside and adhered to card front! The "Thank You" sentiment is stamped on vellum paper and adhered with Bordering Blue eyelets.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Got Glasses??

This is kindof a funny card that I made for my neice who got new glasses. The stamp set is called "Unfrogettable" from Stampin' Up!

I stamped the frog first since he's in the foreground. Then I stamped him again on plain paper and cut it out, then masked him. Then I stamped the mushroom. Then I colored in with pad ink and Aqua Painter, and sponged the edges. The faux stitching is done with a white gel pen. The saying is also written with the gel pen, and then punch out with the word window punch (SU!)

It's Addicting!

The sketch challenges that is!!

I had some time to stamp today *happy dance*, so I wanted to get caught up a little on some of those great sketch challenges on SCS. This was a good one for using some of those coordinating papers, or left-overs of them!

The snowman is from the set called "Tags & More" from Stampin' Up! The scan really washed out my snowman. I sponged cool caribbean around him for the sky and the blue and pink hat/scarf is brighter IRL. I added dazzling diamonds on the ground for snow. Still wish I had some of that liquid applique for the snow. The green polk-dot peice is patterned cardboard that I had in a package of assorted stuff. It would've made it real easy to make this into a Shaker Card!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Eskimo Doodles

Well, the kids were out of school today, so we didn't have that routine going on. Carly stayed in her footy pajamas all day! I took them to g-ma's and I went to work. I finally made her change clothes around 3 p.m. so I could go to the local scrapbook store. Just went to get my decoupage glue to finish some tin boxes when I saw tons of delicious eye candy!! Ok...I broke down and bought a few sheets of paper and a package of these stacked primas with gems and pearls in the middle. Here's a picture...
Of course, one is missing cause it's there on my card! :) Take my word, these look so much better IRL *wink*. (click on picture to the right for a larger view)

OK, now onto the card...
I just loved this week's sketch challenge (
you can view it here), so I made another card using it. The snowflake background is a stamp I just got in the mail for FREE! from Inky Antics. That's where I order my tins. The eskimo and greeting is from Stampin' Up! and is called "Polar Pals." The colors are also by SU! and are Cool Caribbean, Not Quite Navy, and Regal Rose.

For eskimo, I first stamped her in basic black and then again in rose. I cut out just the coat from the rose and adhered it onto the black with pop dots. I used 2-way glue pen and dazzling diamonds on the "fur." It still needed something, so I sponged the edges with caribbean and then decided to try doodling around the edges. I think that made the image look finished. Ahh...I can feel the cool winter air right now!, literally!! It's suppose to snow any day now, LOL!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Photo Card

Just got the kids' school pictures back today! I'm pretty happy with them. I remember that day, they said they didn't take her pictures until the afternoon, after they had several recesses, so I was wondering how bad their hair would look, but it turned out alright. You can't see it in this scan very well, but Carly's backdrop is green, and goes with all the green on card. It's much prettier IRL.

I can't decide if I want to do these for Christmas cards or not. Another idea that I had was to do a pocket card and have their pics on a tag that pulls out. I guess we'll have to wait and see how much time I get to work on different ideas...I know, I know! Time's a tickin' :) In case you're wondering, their pics are NOT taped onto the card. The navy c.s. is punched with that corner punch and that's holding them in. Recipient can take them out and post on frig, or leave on card. Also, ICYW, Carly's in 2nd grade this year, and Maddy's in 1st. *sigh* I feel really blessed to have such wonderful little girls!!

RETRO Winter

Did someone say RETRO??

I made this for a color challenge today: Caribbean, Mustard and Choc Chip. I think they are kinda retro Fall colors.
{Makes me want to throw on my cozy sweater and drink a nice hot cup of apple cider, Mmm! }

The stamp sets I used are Bundle Up, Linen, and Canvas (all from SU!) I also used the white gel pen for that faux stitching...gotta love that technique!! Then I sponged all the edges to give it a softer look...not so stark white! This will probably go to a guy, although, any of my girlfriends, sister or mom would probably appreciate it more *smirk*.

Pretty Snowflakes

Yup...I'm still in the mood for snowflakes! Loving this new set (I'm sure I will for a few years!) I just loved Taylor's color combo: Cool Caribbean, Regal Rose & Certainly Celery. So, I went with those colors.

For the layout, I tried something NEW! (well, new for ME at least.) First, I cut my c.s. like normal; 5 1/2 X 4 1/4. Then I scored both ends at 2 1/8". That's it! The little scalloped snowflake is adhered to just the top portion of the card (so it can open underneath).

Here's a picture of the inside of card. What do ya think??

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Let it SNOW!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...but the fire is so delightful...and since we've no place to go...Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

I just got my new set Snowflakes, and this is my first card made with it! I LOVE this, and you'll be seeing more cards made with this set very soon! :)

I chose burgundy and chocolate chip for this one...I just felt like going outside the "norm", which would be the light blues and silvers. I guess I'm not ready for that winter chill that light blue brings, but I am starting to get into the Christmas mood.

I stamped the big snowflake in Baroque Burgundy and then used the choc chip marker to color over all the tips and the little diamonds in middle of snowflake. I love the two-tone look. Then I sponged the outside edges in choc. chip. I wish my words would've shown up darker, but I think my burgundy marker is running low. For the background, I stamped all the snowflakes in burgundy, choc. chip, and close to cocoa ink and then sponged the edges again with choc. chip. For the brads, I lined up the top edge of a customer order form (that thingy with all the holes in it) and used those as a guide as to where to punch my holes...just so I get them evenly punched (I'm so bad at eyeing things!) Also, I wet the edges of the burgundy c.s. and rolled it to age it a little bit. That's all!

I'm almost ready to go make snow angels, except for one little thing...we need snow! I heard we're suppose to get some this weekend though. Woohoo!! :)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mom Made a Card!

How CUTE is this? I love this little guy from Inky Antics. It's part of their new Clear Acrylic stamps and comes in a set. There's lot's of little extras to put with this turtle.

Anyway, I just wanted to upload and share with you all what a cute card mom made. Hmmm...I could borrow this set, but I'd get more use out of it if I just bought it myself! TFL!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Happy B-day Carly

I made this card for my daughter's 8th birthday this week. The stamp set I used is "Pretty Princess" (SU!)

I found a card with this same "floating center" and I thought I'd try it! It's really easy to do with the right cutters. I used CM's oval cutters to cut out the cake and pink polka-dot peices. You could use any shaped cutters to do this, as long as it fits within the space of your card front.

For the center, I taped the pink ribbon on top of the polka-dot peice first and then taped my cake peice onto the pink oval. Then I ran the ribbon through the eyelets on the card and tied a bow at the top.

Here's a picture of the inside of the card. I stamped the oval with the "Alexa" stamp set, available for purchase here. The party went really well. It was our first party where we invited kids from school (and ones that I didn't know, and their parents didn't know us!), so we were really unsure if anyone would come. She invited 5 girls and nobody RSVPed. I guess people don't do that anymore ??? SO, we went ahead and decorated and held our breath that someone would show up. Turned out 3 out of 5 came!! The girls had a great time. They had pizza, played the Bratz playstation2 Fashion Game, played the Dance Mat, had cake and opened presents, played with our new bunnies and stayed for about 3 hours!! Whew! It was a great time for her. I'm so glad it all turned out. *happy dance*

NOTE: The Alexa stamp set was designed by Melissa Bastow, in honor of Alexa, a 6 yr. old girl who was diagnosed with Leukemia in Feb. this year. The set is based on what she wanted to see in her set! You can read more about this

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Farewell Cinni-Mini...

Hello Niblets!! We have sad news today...Maddy's bunny, CinniMini passed away yesterday. She was only 3 months old. We don't know for sure how it happened, but we think it had something to do with why she wasn't growing much, and her sister was almost twice her size. Rabbits can get scared and die fairly easily, so it might have been that. Dad burried her under a Juniper by the shop, and Maddy wrote it on her calendar. I think she's doing ok.

The GOOD NEWS is...we were able to get Maddy another bunny and, in fact, they are all sisters because this one is from a batch from the same mama, and was born a little more than a month after Twitches and CinniMini. So, here's a couple pics of our new addition "NIBLETS"