Friday, October 20, 2006

Beaded Christmas Card

Got this idea from Taylor Van Bruggen-- It's been quite a while ago.

This was such a fun card to do. I stamped the ornaments using OH MY WORD set (Stampin' Up!) and then I cut them out, put double-sided tacky tape and sprinkled ultra fine microbeads on top. I had to smash the beads into tape with fingers. Then I embossed the hangers in gold EP, cut out and attached to ornaments. Gold string tied at the top of hangers tops it off. I adhered the ornaments onto card with POP DOTS. White gel pen for faux stitching.
If I ever don't explain something well enough, just leave a comment and ask and I'll be happy to answer your questions. :) thanks for looking!

Recipe Boxes

I made these as recipe boxes for my sister-in-laws for Christmas. They come complete with recipe cards and hand-made index cards as well. The paper is decoupaged onto the tin with Ceramcoat's Decoupage Medium. Then I embellished with ribbon (also decoupaged) and covered cardboard letters. Tied ribbons are not decoupaged, just tied on.

Baby Bunnies

This is Carly's bunny, "Twitches"

This is Twitches with sister, "Cini-Mini" (Maddy's bunny)

Carly with Twitches, 5 weeks old.

Maddy and "Cini-Mini", 5 weeks old

Carly & Maddy

Carly & Maddy's first day of school, 2006