Garden Shed Gift Box & Pull Tab Slider Card ♡ La-La Land Crafts

Hello crafty friends!  

So, I got a bit behind with my Club Kits from La-La Land Crafts as life threw me some curve balls and I had no choice but to put crafts on the back burner for a bit.  But I finally got to finish up these 2 projects using the April 2023 Kit-of-the-Month which is garden themed! I've also got a short YT video of these 2 projects, showing how the card interacts and a 360 of my box, below my photos.

This card was soo much fun and quite easy to make!  Here it is in action ☺

For this Garden Shed Gift Box, I was inspired by Sam's Craft Shed Box here.  However, I wasn't happy with how easily the lid would fall off with the slightest bump, so I altered the underside to include a flat chipboard piece with a smaller box underneath (much like my birdhouse box here - except different measurements of course!)

I actually did record over an hour process video of how I created this, but between rotating the video and transferring it back and forth to my external hard drive, it errored and I lost it in both places :(  But you can watch Sam's video for the basic construction then you can decorate however you'd like! 

This video is not a tutorial... just a short clip of my projects ☺

Stitched Slots Die (for pull tab mechanism)


This kit is no longer available as a stand alone Kit of the Month, HOWEVER... if you are already a club subscriber, you can add this kit onto your order at club kit price!!  This also goes for new subscribers, starting with your 3rd month. ☺

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Happy Inking! 
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