Birdhouse Gift Box ☆ CottageCutz

Hey crafters!  
Today's project is a birdhouse gift box that I made with some cute CottageCutz bird dies from their latest Spring/Easter Release!  

The lid comes off and has a smaller box attached under it that fits snug into the top of the box so it won't easily fall off.

and here is the inside...

If you're a long time follower of mine, you may remember this birdhouse I made back in 2010.  I made this one the same...  following Norma's written tutorial here.  She made hers a lantern with "X"s cut out of 2 sides so you can put those battery operated lights or even fairy lights and it'd shine thru both windows -- excellent idea, especially for winter.  But since I wanted mine to be a birdhouse, here's my adaptation.  The dies I used are linked at the end of this post. 


PLEASE NOTE****  I'm be typing out the text I have on my photos for those who need to translate instructions.  Not meant to confuse you!

• Start with a sheet of 6 x 12" cardstock.  
-- with the short side at top of score board, score at 3/8" & 5-1/2"
-- with long side at top, score at 2-15/16", 5-7/8", 8-13/16" & 11-3/4"

• I covered the sides of my box with decorative paper -- this is totally optional!  Cut (4) panels at 2-15/16" x 5-1/8" and glue them onto each of the front sections. (The one with the floral spray, I adhered to the 2nd panel since that will be the FRONT of my box.) 

• Die cut the 5th smallest circle from the Pierced Circle Set, leaving a li'l room to add a perch for the bird to sit on later.

• Add 1/4" Scor Tape around the circle cutout (on the back) and place a window sheet.
-- Also add 1/4" Scor Tape to the back side of the 3/8" scored flap along the top of box.

• Cut a piece of patterned paper at 2 7/8" x 5" for the inside "back" that will show thru the acetate window from the front.  Since my box is dark colored, I chose something light and pretty for the inside.

• Add 3/8" Scor Tape to the FRONT side of the bottom 1/2" flap
-- then with scissors, cut on each vertical score line, just up to the 1/2" horizontal score line.

• Remove backing of the Scor Tape that is on the backside of the top of box rim and fold it down -- all across the top.  This will strengthen the rim of your box.

• Add 1/4" Score Tape to the front side of the small vertical flap on the end, peel off the backing, and attached the other end of the box.

 • Cut (2) pieces of chipboard and (4) pcs of patterned paper at 3-1/2" square 
-- round the corners of all 6 pieces 
-- glue patterned papers to top and bottom of each of the chipboard squares.

• Peel off the backing of  Scor Tape on bottom of box flaps and adhere to the center of one of the chipboard squares.

• Cut another piece of patterned paper at 2-7/8" square to fit down inside the box & cover the tabs

• Cut a piece of cardstock at 4-3/8" square
-- score at 3/8" and 3/4" along each edge 
-- see reference photo above for where to make your cuts

• Add Scor Tape along the outer flaps, remove backing and adhere flaps of each side to make a box.  *There will be an opening in the center of backside. 

•  Attach to CENTER of the underside of lid (chipboard square)
--make sure it fits snug into the top of your gift box


• Cut a 6" square of cardstock
--score 1/2" in from all 4 sides.
• Measure in 1-1/2" from each corner and cut away the corner squares.

• Turn your roof over to backside and with a ruler and pencil, draw lines at 2-1/2" and 3-1/2" 
-- turn paper 90 degrees and repeat.
• SCORE the intersecting square in the middle.
• From each corner of the middle square, make 3 score lines to the "V" and to each 1/2" score line you already made in pt. 1.
• Mountain fold all the score lines that meet your pre-existing 1/2" score line and Valley fold all the shorter middle score lines.

• Once you've cut and scored the roof and mountain and valley folded it, you can add glue in between those valley folds and pinch them together.  Might be good to add binder clips to hold together until glue dries.


• I die cut (4) of the Fence w/ Flower Garland to add around the base of my birdhouse.

• I cut one of the fences down by cutting 2 of the outermost pickets from each end.  The other 3 fences I left whole and they fit perfectly and wrapped all the way around the birdhouse!
-- I used 1/8" foam strips to the backside of fence pcs. (Just on the horizontal slats) to attach to house. 

• I die cut my birds from the  Spring Bird w/ Vine and a smaller bird from the Spring Birdhouse Cup
-- then I water-colored all the pieces

• I created a li'l perch for the larger bird by rolling a scrap of the green c.s. around the end of my paintbrush and added glue towards the end to hold it together.  Once dried, I cut it to the length I wanted and attached with glue to the bottom of my window.

• I glued the leaves and added birds with foam strips and done!

Again, here's a look at my finished box ☺




Thanks so much for looking today!

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