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Do You Follow This Blog? What You Should Know

 Hey friends!  In case you haven't read about it yet, the Feedburner Email Subscription service is going away this July, so I want to let you know that I've switched to a new service called

If you signed up on this blog before to receive email notifications for new posts, and were in active status, you DO NOT need to do anything.  All confirmed active subscribers were transferred to this new service and you will now start to receive updates via the service.  

For those who signed up before but did not confirm in your email (from feedburner), your subscription was in pending status and it did not get transferred to the new service.  So if that is you, or if you are brand new here and would like to receive updates in your inbox whenever I create a new post, please sign up over there in the sidebar or click the pic below

What is awesome about this new service is that YOU have a variety of following options!  Simply click the "See filter & other delivery options" when you sign up!  

  • you can set filters for keywords or tags

  • you can specify how often you want to receive updates (all in one email once per day, individual emails for each post, etc) 
  • you can specify where to receive them (email, RSS feed, telegram, news page on 

♥  ♥  ♥

I just want to say, I am very grateful for all of my blog followers!!   I know many people have switched in the past decade to sharing on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and although I have tried those things as well, my blog always feels like home to me, so... THANK YOU for visiting my crafty "home" and for those who leave comments - you are like friends who come for coffee cake and some good laughs. Thank you so much!

Gratefully yours,


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Tutorial - Darling Donkeys Double Z-fold Wiper Card with Barn Doors

While creating another wiper card, this time with grey 'Buffalo Check' and barn doors, I thought, why don't I make the doors open to reveal 2 more donkeys?!  Bare with me, I'm no pro on tutorials 😉 but here is my video tutorial and you can find all the measurements & written instructions below the pictures.   The folded card size is standard 5 1/2" x 4 1/4"  When you pull on both ends of the card, a donkey pops up When you turn the arrows, the doors open to reveal 2 more donkeys and a message! Tutorial *Please note I am not the original creator of the wiper card.  I am sharing what I've learned, along with my own instructions of how I created the barn doors.  Please leave me comments if you try this!  :) 1.  Cut one piece of Smokey Slate cardstock (or color of your choice) at 8 1/2 inches x 4 1/4 inches, and score  at 5 1/2 inches and 7 inches 2.  Cut one piece of thick white cardstock (thicker is better for this piece) at 8 1/2 inches x 2 3/4 inches,

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Ok y'all, those who know me know I love a card challenge - especially fancy folds!  So when I saw this gorgeous card of Lavonne Schwendeman's I had to try it.  And as impressive as this style of card is, I prolly won't make another of these for a long while as it took me quite a long time to make.  But it was worth it for my daughter who's birthday is in a couple of weeks!  Maybe I'll make a (fall/winter) one for my other daughter who's birthday is next May, LOL!     I love how the sentiment and larger butterflies actually POP OUT away from the card base!   Here's a view from the top-ish.... The "Lovely Wishes" foam words are pink foiled on the front and are shiney when the light hits.  They are attached to clear window sheets that are then glued to the cardstock in front of them.   The flourishes were pretty flimsy, so I cut out 3 of each and glued together to make them more sturdy. Each size of butterfly is embossed with a different texture - th

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 I guess you could say I'm on a roll with these ' Darling Donkeys ' from Stampin' Up! this week.  I wanted to take the double z-fold wiper card to the next level and I think I managed that by adding a barn shape for the background... and throwing in a bale of hay and some cute chicks for a Birthday-themed card.  What do ya think? Here it is with the wiper popped up... and here it is when the doors are opened up... and here it is all closed up.   The dimensions closed is 5 1/2 inches square, so would easily fit into a 6" square envelope.   Here are the measurements if you are using a board that measures from right to left. and here are the measurements if you are using the large grey scoreboard type that measures lt to rt I did add score lines all throughout the red "wood" to give added texture.  I think it looked kinda plain when all closed up.   You can find a video tutorial for my previous barn door card here .  Although it does not have the barn shape