Tutorial - Origami 4-Drawer Easel Card

 Happy Sunday crafty friends!  I was asked for instructions after posting pictures of this box card on a FB group, so here it is!  

While I am not the original creator of the 4-drawer easel card that were all the rage 10 years ago, I thought of a way to create the drawers from designer paper, when others were creating it using cardstock.  Some had dies that cut the drawers and others were clever enough to come up with the correct measurements to cut and score and tape, but I couldn't wait to find what I was looking for so I just made a simple origami fold box for the drawers and wha-la!  It worked ... and is prettier than plain cardstock IMO.  :)   So I'm here to share it with y'all again, this time using Stampin' Up!'s Ornate Garden Suite (stamps, dies and paper!)  

Supplies Needed:

- (4) 6-inch pieces of designer series paper
- (2) 4 ¾” coordinating designer paper (or can use same   as 6” pcs.)
- (3) 8 ½ x 11” sheets of cardstock – can be same or different colors
- (1) piece of white cardstock – for image and sentiment inside
- Glue and/or tape
- Paper cutter & bone folder
- Knobs for drawers – can use a variety of items for this including gems popped up on dimensionals, pipe cleaners with a large bead etc.

Step 1)  Drawers

Take one pc of 6” designer paper and fold in half, then open it and fold in half the opposite way so it looks like this…

Step 2)

Fold each corner up to the middle.  You can make a dot in center with a pen if that helps as it can be difficult to see where the center is

Step 3) 

Keeping the corners folded in, fold one edge up to the center.  Unfold that section and fold the next edge to center.  Repeat on all sides. 

Step 4) 

Open the top and bottom sections, leaving the sides folded.  Bend the sides up (you can fold to center again and bone fold them if you wish).  

Step 5) 

Take your pointer fingers and push in on the outter section – if your folds are well creased, the box ends should fold into place and the triangle end should pop up.

Step 6)

Fold the triangle section over and inside the box.  Repeat on opposite end.

Step 7) 

*Optional – you can glue the small triangle ends down if they are sticking up. 

Step 8) 

Hole punch one of the thicker ends of each drawer.  Insert a “handle” whatever you choose as your drawer pull.  The ones I used were gifted to me and I’m not sure where they are from.  But I’ve also used large gems that were flat on one side and adhered it with a dimensional.  You can also use pipe cleaner or twist tie with a bead on it.  

Step 9)  Drawer Casings

Cut a piece of 8 ½ x 11” cardstock to 7 5/8” (off the long edge).  Now cut into (4) pieces that are each 2 1/8” x 7 5/8”. 

Score each strip at 7/8”, 3 1/8”, 4 ¼”, and 6 ½”.  Fold using bone folder to crease all folds well. 

Step 10) 

***This is very important – 

one end is a li’l bit smaller than the other.  Glue the small end over the top (outside) of the larger end.  Repeat on all casings.

Step 11)  Adhering drawers to base

Cut one piece of 8 ½ x 11” cardstock to 10” x 5”, then cut in half at 5” so you have (2) 5” squares.

Step 12)  

Lay your drawer casings onto one 5” square, centering them and so they are almost touching. 

***IMPORTANT – arrange them so that each base side has only ONE drawer opening, and that the seams are all facing inwards (no seams should show on outside). Glue them down, one at a time.   

make sure seams are facing inwards as you glue them down!

Step 13)  Creating your easel card

Cut a sheet of 8 ½” x 11” pc of cardstock to 5” x 10” and score it at 5” and 2 ½”.

Tape just the bottom half of the card front (part that opens, not fold) and adhere the other piece of 5” square cardstock that you cut in step 11.

Step 14) 

Text Box: Add tape to just this lower portionAdd one piece of the 4 ¾” square dsp to the top of your 5” piece.  I did this step before taping it onto the easel front.  You can choose to fully decorate this top portion now or after you glue it on top of the boxes.  Up to you, but it’s probably easiest to do it before.

Step 16)

Adhere your 2nd piece of 4 ¾” square dsp to the inside of your easel card.

Step 15)

Add glue to the tops of drawer casings and carefully center the card to the top, lining it up with the base. 

It’s easiest to press down if your drawers are in the casings!

Step 17) 

You’ll need a piece of cardstock popped up in the middle of your inside layer to prop the “easel” in place and keep it from closing.  I die cut a piece of Blushing Bride and stacked 2 dimensionals tall, in several places on the back.

***Important to use some kind of dimensionals or pop dots to raise this layer

Step 18)  

Decorate your card front -- add sentiment and image, embellishments etc and have fun filling the drawers with whatever tiny goodies you can imagine!


Here are others I have made... 



Hope you found this tutorial easy to follow and have FUN making one!!  

Happy Crafting!


O my, I absolutely love this! It was the first thing that caught my eye on your blog. I love dimensional projects and this is stunning. Love all the progress pictures you've added, I always find them really helpful. Fabulous inspiration Kris. Michelle x
Nancy said…
I made this into a birthday card for all of my 6 grandchildren. I put money in the drawers!