Saturday, June 07, 2014

Saturday Market - June 7, 2014

Well, given the fact that today is HS graduation, and across the street was a big parking lot sale, the first day of Saturday Market in the Park went okay.... not great, but okay.  Dad tried selling his jewelry & wooden clocks, however the booth next to us was all wooden clocks, except theirs had gorgeous calendar pictures on them. Mom had lots of crocheted beanie hats in cute characters like owls, snowmen, frogs, and some with just flowers etc. as well as baby booties, afghans and quilts, aprons and stick horses.   She sold 2 horses.  And my girls and I tried selling lots of paper craft items, including many bags of cards (10 for $10) and we sold one bag.  Hmmm... 5 hours (3 of those in the sun), and $25 rent for our spot.... we might have actually broke even today!!  I told mom, if they don't sell next Saturday, let me put pictures up on Etsy - I'm sure they'll sell there!  LOL.

(my mom on right, and my daughter on left)
The bags of cards above is just a sampling - I had a huge tub full of packages sitting below the table!

(my dad)

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Maxine D said...

Looks as though there was a lot of effort for little return - all the best next week.