Monday, December 16, 2013

R.I.P. Raja, 1996-2013

Some sad news today... our cat Raja passed away yesterday at 17 1/2 years old. We got him as a little kitten, along with his sister, Squirrel who passed a year ago Mother's Day.  He had a long happy life with us and we enjoyed them very much.  He now rests with Squirrel under the big tree. 

Here's a pic taken at my daughter's bunny's birthday party (yes, the bunny's birthday! Lol)  She made the cats some party hats and put them on their tails.  lol.  Our furry friends do put up with a lot, but as long as he's getting his head scratched, he could care less.  They got lots of lovin' :)

And here's a sweet pic of Raja looking over Squirrel.  They were 2 peas in a pod, loved to cuddle together and kept each other clean.  Very sweet.  Missing them very much. 


Maxine D said...

Oh Kristine, I feel for you - we love our cats too and when they go they leave a disproportionately large hole in our lives.

Maria A. said...

Oh Kristine, I am so very sorry for this loss, it's so hard to loose a pet, they become part of the family so we feel their absence every day. You and your family can find comfort on remembering them, their unconditional love and loyalty and the fun and happy times you all shared. You can also be proud of the love you gave this beautiful cats, the care and protection I'm sure you showered them with all their lives. We too have our dogs and cats, buried in our back yard, under the trees near the side of our driveway. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your sweet friends.