Thursday, December 19, 2013

2-Hour Rosette Tree Project

Hey all... Kris here with a 2nd crafty project in a week, *high fives* LoL.  I found Karon's Krafty Korner from a comment she left me and found some fabby tutorials!  I just had to try her fun (rosette) Christmas tree since my daughter had just bought a big 12x12 pack of Christmas papers at Joann's last weekend.  This is so easy to make, and took me about 2 hours to complete.  If you have a Score-Pal (which I don't) it might even go quicker!  You can find her chart for the rosette sizes HERE.  Took this to work today and put on my desk - very festive & has already gotten compliments :) 

*Note to self for next time I make one:  1)  add a small heavy rock in the base of my tube for sturdiness, 2) add a dimensional between the small rosettes near the top that were 1/8" pleated so they are evenly spaced with the rest of the tree. 

Look at all the fun Christmasy papers!! 
*TIP:  be very careful not to score too hard - the papers are thin and will cut all the way through.  If this happens, add a li'l hot glue, push the cut closed and position that part in the back so nobody's sees it, LOL. 
I used a toilet paper roll, cut down about an inch or so, and wrapped in paper and ribbon.  I didn't want glue showing on the outside, so I dripped tons of hot glue down inside the tube so it attached the base to the roll.  :)  Be ye careful!!  Hot glue HURTS!  And that's how my mom lost her finger prints - too much hot glue ouies over the years.  ;)

The green felt doily worked nicely as a "tree skirt" sorta thingy.  I bought a package of them at the dollar store.  :)  Happy Crafting!!


Karon said...

This turned out fabulous, Kris. Thanks so much for the shout out and so glad you had time to make one :-) I love the snowflake on the top too! Have a fabulous Christmas, hugs, Karon.

Jeanne J said...

So clever! I love the different pattern papers here! Yes hot glue is BAD!! :)

Kathy W. said...

That is awesome! What's the name of the paper pack Carly??
I'm going to try this out.

Maxine D said...

Wow - this is a beauty