Friday, April 26, 2013

Cute Hairstyles for Girls

Ever since I was a young girl, I always loved styling hair... first on my Barbie dolls and then on my older sister.   I even thought about attending beauty school (never happened).  But thankfully we have this wonderful world wide web ... okay, Youtube specifically with fabby tutorials on styling girls' hair!  These are so fun... especially now that my own girls are teens and will sit still and actually want me to style their hair *Ü*  This is my new favorite site  Cute Girls Hairstyles (Braids)

Here are a couple styles I tried on my daughter Carly this week...

They also have great updo's for Proms and weddings etc. so be sure to check those out!


Sue @ McMahon Five Designs said...

You never cease to amaze, do you? :) Great job!!

Candace said...

Wow, those are both adorable, Kris!!

MaxineD said...

You are so blessed to have girls with such long hair for you to play with :-).