Friday, January 25, 2013

My New Digi Line - Imagine That!

Hello my bloggin' friends!!  Today is HUGE.... I now have a name for my digi line!!  IMAGINE THAT!  No, really... that's what it's called!!  Lol.  And today I'm releasing FIVE new digis!!  Woot, Woot!  Weird to think that up until a couple weeks ago I hadn't even tried to draw my own!  Who knew?!!!  And my awesome friend Diane, who has been such a huge supporter (encourager ta boot!) of all my creative efforts has welcomed my digis into their new home at  Daydream Designs... If you hover over the "All images" tab, you'll see my line listed as a subcategory "Imagine That!...digis by Kris"

I also set up a blog just for showcasing my digis... and project samples made with them!  I hope you'll check it out from time to time and see what's new!!  *Ü*  

Are you ready to see what's new?!  
I  have 2 cards to share as well so please continue on to see them.  


Chatty Kathy - Outlines

Need some inspiration???  

Created with Hip Hop Maddy Outlines 
& matching digi paper I designed for the "special deal" (see at bottom of my post)

I used sparkly glitter gellyroll pen on her sweater thingy, ♥ on her tank-top, hat & stars, and shoes.

This music charm ties in with the dancing hip hop girl. 

And I should've named this one "Sweatheart Carrie" for all the heats she is donning.  
I used Carrie Colored version for this card.  

And before you go... for a limited time, when you buy any of these girl digis at Daydream Designs, you'll receive a FREE Digi paper pack!!  I've designed a matching paper for each girl!!  *Ü*  

If you like what you saw here today, please leave me a comment!  
Have a wonderful weekend!!


Helen said...

CONGRATULATIONS, KRIS!!! This is so exciting for you! Hip Hop Maddy cracks me up and I just love Carly with Munchkin! They are all adorable! WAY TO GO! Have a blessed day! ~H

Diane said...

Well there they are!!! Aren't they the cutest things when we're seeing them in real life! Kris, you just did a fabulous job on all of these and I'm so excited for you, for me, for us!!! The future is bright. Your samples are too adorable. I love it when our images finally make it to a card. It just all seems to fall into place and makes the hours of work melt away. You should be so pleased...and should no longer have a second's doubt about your amazing talent. You bless me so much, my friend! Congratulations!

Patti J said...

How in the world have I missed all of this excitement? I must not leave town again - fun things happen when I'm gone! Congratulations, my friend! These are so much fun - cute and sassy too! Can't wait to see more :) You go girl!

Kelly L said...

Ohh, wow, I am SO excited for you, Kris! These images are terrific! I didn't know you were such an artist. I can draw stick figures, but that's about it ... oh, and eyes. I love to doodle eyes :) lol Congratulations on your new adventure! I hope you expand your line enough to keep the money rollin' in and your expenses paid!! Best wishes my friend! Hugs, Kel xoxo

Kathy W. said...

They look great sis!! I love them all and can't wait to start creating with them :)

Lorie said...

I'm not at all surprised you would be creating your own are uber talented! Congrats!

Glenda Atkins said...

Congrats on the new digi line, they are wonderful! Good for you!!

MaxineD said...

Oh my goodness Kris, these are all stunning! Congratulations.