Monday, October 01, 2012

Email Woes

I know there are much worse things to worry about in this life.  And the fast paced, have-to-have-it-now, "microwave society" doesn't do us any favors when it comes to patience, I'll say that much.  But when it's been a busy week and ya don't have much time to blog or even check your own emails, it sure is frustrating when you get a message like this:

Is it just Yahoo mail that seems to be down pretty often?  or do other mail servers have their share of down time as well??  I know it's free, but just wondering if there's something more reliable out there.  Any thoughts?


MaxineD said...

I use gmail as an alternative addy to my local server, and have had no problems :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm getting this too on certain blogs and it's telling me that the website is using some type of image hosting that may cause a virus on your I don't go to those websites because of that. There is also a challenge blog like I won't enter the challenges. I think people just need to be careful what images they save to their websites. :)