Monday, July 30, 2012

Recoloring Digis in Photoshop

Have you ever had a digi you wish you could change the color of?  Maybe a black sentiment... or even an image that was not one you color in with your markers??   Today I'm going to show you how to quickly change the coloring of your digi (all or even just part of it) in Photoshop in just 3 easy steps.  

1)  Bring your image into PS.  (For the sake of this tutorial, I’m using a fabby sewing sentiment from McMahon Five Designs.)  Click the Marquee (select) Tool on your toolbar & select the part of your digi you want to recolor.

2)  Click on IMAGE tab up top > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation

3)  The Hue/Saturation window will open. In the bottom right corner, make sure the COLORIZE box is checked.  Then move the sliders until you get the color you want.  Hit OK. 

You’re done! 
Here is one where I easily changed each letter of “Patchwork” using the same steps as above. 
It’s so quick to do! 
I hope this li’l tutorial helped you make more use of your Photoshop software!  :) 
You’ll find more PS tutorials of mine HERE.


Glenda Atkins said...

Thanks Kris, looks easy (we will see - I can muck anything up LOL)!

Kelly L said...

Oooh, I love that you took the time to share stuff like this with us. I need some "play" time to learn how to use PS for more than just brightening up my pics. I wish we lived closer, and I would stop over to learn these with you. Hugs, Kel xoxo