Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just for Fun – Pet Rocks out of Clay

So, while I was at work this week, my DD, Maddy (12) who knows her way around a kitchen decided to create some "Pet Rocks" out of clay. She made up the dough and got my icing colors out and went to work. Some turned out to be “One-Eyed Monster Rocks”  but they’re all pretty cute huh?

If your kids want to try it, here's the recipe:

  • 2-1/2 cups flour
  • 1 cup salt
  • 1 cup water
  • food coloring (optional)
For making rocks, you would just leave them out to dry after making them.  But if you want to reuse the clay later, then you would want to store the modeling clay in the refrigerator in a sealed plastic baggie or in a bowl covered with plastic wrap. 

Maddy didn't want to use up all my table salt, so (for the darker rocks) she tried Epsom Salts.  It didn't want to dry out and turn lighter color, so I wouldn't suggest using that, lol.  But they're still pretty cute, and it gave her something to do other than housework ;) 
Hope you’re having a FUN summer!!  *Ü*


Lorie said...

Those rock (hehehehe!) Maddy!

Lori Stokes Wright said...

Kristine, tell Maddie that they are adorable! My fav is the one-eyed with the green bow :)

Bananastamper said...

So fun! I'll bet Doodlepants will want to make those!

MaxineD said...

How cute. :-)

Patti J said...

Your girls are so clever and talented! Crochet and now this! These rocks are adorable! Thanks for sharing :)

Jacq said...

Hi Kris,
Please tell Maddy these are just too stinkin CUTE!!! Clever girl she favourite is the one eyed cutie with the green bow.
Hugs Jacqui xxx

Glenda Atkins said...

Oh you must have so much fun creating with your girls, I think it's so wonderful you all enjoy it! These are super cute rocks:O)!!

Becky said...

These are just to cute!

Helen said...

Those are awesome!!! I want to make some now! :)