Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hey there, Li'l Lady!!

... LadyBUG that is!!  *Ü*   I just love ladybugs ~ they're cute and they eat the aphids in the garden!
I finally got a card made today!  I turned the sweet li'l Ladybug from The Digi Garden into a sweet paper piecing SVG file!!  She is available in the shop in 3 formats, outline digi, fully colored digi, and svg.  I cut her out using my cricut and SCAL software.  I just think it's fun and takes me back to my childhood when I would go to grandma's and she'd give us paper dolls to play with.

I should have cut her bodice out of black, but wanted the wings to stand out a li'l more so I used grey.  Hmmm, I think black would be better.  Anywhoo... there's also some really cute Buggy sentiments in the shop as well!  I used pink dew drops for her cheeks.  I have a reason for that--it's called "cover-up-your-boo-boo" (I had to tear off the cut-out circles I had glued on cause one was crinkled on one edge.)

On a personal note:
I hope you're all finding ways to stay cool this summer?   Our a/c (actually a big swamp cooler)'s fan broke yesterday when I went to turn the speed to high.  Oiy.  We looked up the part online and just hope it doesn't take too long to get it in.  OH, and our mailbox got whacked night before last, so now we have to go to the P.O. to pick up our mail.  On a GOOD note... we got our remodel done!!  YAY.  Carly's first night in her new room was last night and she loved it.  Oh, so here are some pics...  keep in mind the carpet is a dark teal (looks greyish here) and the walls are between Cool Caribbean and Baha Breeze ... I tend to speak in SU! colors a lot.  We also have shelving to put up etc.

First up is our new hallway between the kitchen on the right and the new bedroom on the left.  This whole area (hallways and new room) was our 2-car garage.
We didn't have blinds on the windows when I took this last night so the light is making the carpet look grey.  it's really a dark pretty teal. 
Those blankets are where her bed will go
This one below is prolly the best coloring of the carpet
Here she is!  That dresser was my grandmother's.  She passed away 24 years ago so it was handed down to my mom and now to my daughter.  It has a big mirror to be mounted over the dresser---it’s still in storage, and Yes, the room needs shelving and pictures etc.  You don't get to see all that though, LOL!  ((sorry))  Some things will be left to the imagination!  :)

Don't forget to check out what's new at The Digi Garden!!  We're having a sale right now... Buy 3/Get 1 FREE!


Shelly Schmidt said...

I love ladybugs and I love you card!! The colors are perfect and oh la la love your bow! Your daughter's new room looks awesome! Cool for her!

Lorie said...

What a super sweet card Kris! I didn't know ladybugs ate aphids. I have got to find some as the aphids love my roses. Congrats on finishing the remodel...what a great "addition" it is to your house! Have fun in there Carly!

Becky said...

This is adorable Kris.Love that lady bug.

Kathy W. said...

Great card lady bugs too!!

The remodel looks great, and I bet Carly loves it *Ü* Can't wait to see it IRL.

Jacq said...

Hi Kris,
Wow Carly's new room looks fab!!! Worth all the hard work and effort you and hubby have put into it and I Love the colour scheme its Gorgeous!!! Oh dear hope you aren't without your ac for too long and a mailbox too lol. Gorgeous Card Kris...the little ladybug cutting file looks just Fabulous!!! Had to laugh at the " cover up your boo boo * line. Have a lovely day.
Hugs Jacq xxx

Margreet said...

Gorgeous card Kris....Carly's room looks fab...she will surely enjoy it!
xxx Margreet

Glenda Atkins said...

Adorable card, love her cheeks and the little hearts in the background! Looks like Carly is going to have an awesome room!

Leanne ... said...

Your card is adorable. However, the bedroom is even more BEAUTIFUL! Your hubby did a wonderful job.

Laura Kirste Campbell said...

Cute card, Kris!

How exciting to have the remodel done and moving in! Wonderful space and colors! I redid my kitchen last summer. I did all the painting...don't want to paint another cabinet again! LOL! But it's so worthwhile as each day I get to enjoy the fresh beauty and see my 10 year dream come true. I hope you feel the same about your remodel!

Hope you are having a lovely summer my friend! Blessings and hugs!

Helen said...

Adorable card! I love her cheeks! Carly's room is awesome! It's the same color as my craft room (The color I used is Tropicana Cabana and I've appropriately named my room that, too!) I bet she is just loving it!!! You're a great mom! Have a great day! ~H

Kelly L said...

Wow, Carly's room is amazing!! you guys did a terrific job. Do you need some extra $$? I need a contractor :) lol Howie and I have all of these ideas, a little $$ and no time to get the jobs completed ... oh, I coulda stayed home last week and worked on them I guess, but we didn't. What fun would that have been? lol Hugs, hope you all are having a GREAT time! :) Kel