Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tutorial - Floating Heart Swing Card

Hi all... I'm back with a tutorial on my Floating Heart Swing Card that several of you asked about!  I wish I could do a video as that would be so much easier and quicker than trying to sort thru pictures, but this will have to do.  If you have any questions at all, please let me know and I'm happy to post my answers for all.

SUPPLIES NEEDED for a 5.5" Square when folded (you may switch out the Dies but you might need to adjust the sizes of margins for your scores)
1 piece of Saffron Cardstock cut at 5.5" x 7.5"
1 piece of Designer Paper (Lilybee Designs, Handmade) cut at 5.25" x 3 5/8"
Nesties - I used the 2 largest dies in the  "Labels One" set
Serendipity Scroll Heart Die  (cut 2)
Fishing line
Scotch Tape
Quicky Glue Pen
Double-sided Tape
12" Cutter with Scoring blade

Step 1)  Start with your base cardstock cut at 5.5" x 7.5"

Step 2)  With your c.s. lined up width-wise along cutter's top ledge, measure in 2 5/8"  and SCORE from 0" - 3/4" from the top and from 5.5" up to 4 3/4" from the bottom.  (see pic)
Step 3)  Slide your cardstock to the left a bit until it measures 3 5/8" and again SCORE from 0" - 3/4" from top and from 5.5" to 4 3/4" from the bottom.  (see pic)
Step 4)  Using double-sided tape (along the 3 outside edges only), adhere your piece of Designer Paper  to the right side (largest area) of your card base, leaving about 1/8" base cardstock showing all around it.

Step 5)  Taking your largest Nestie (Label 1) align the top and bottom "points" (middle of your Nestie) with the 2 5/8" score markings and lightly tape it in a couple places using scotch tape  (see pic)

Step 6)  Turn this piece upside down and make the diecut sandwich (Cuttlebug used here) as follows from the bottom up:  A plate / C plate / nestie taped to c.s. with flat side against C plate / B plate... BUT WAIT!  We're only going to cut HALF the nestie, so put most of the B plate through the machine and line up the edge of it with the first score markings it comes to.  My red lines = scored markings  (see pic)

Step 7)  Now take the B plate off and just turn the whole sandwich 180 degrees and put it back through, placing the B plate most of the way the machine and lining the edge up with the first set of score marks it comes to and run it through the machine.  *Note:  there should be a 1" margin in between the score marks that will NOT get cut.  (see next pic)

Step 8)  Leaving your Nestie taped to the front side, place your next largest Nestie in the middle of the larger one (I just eyed it) and tape it in a couple places.  DO NOT run it through yet!  OH, and you will want to remove the DP too that wasn't taped down (inner edge)  I forgot to remove it for my picture.  Once the smaller nestie is taped down, then remove the largest Nestie from your cardstock!!  (see pic below)  Now you can run the whole Nestie through your machine just like you normally would do.   (NOTE:  I messed up on this pic ~ the nestie shown is the 3rd largest, but I need to use the 2nd largest so there’s room for my heart to dangle freely)

Step 9) Next, you want to measure & cut a piece of fishing line (or other transparent string) from the top to bottom of your largest Nestie shape.  I used whatever my hubby had around...

Step 10) Next we need to make a frame to sandwich the fishing line between and it will also help make our swinging part more sturdy. So... take a piece of cardstock a little larger than your largest Nestie.  Tape it in a couple places.  Then center the next largest Nestie in the middle, also taping it down.  Run it through your cutting machine!

Step 11)  Now we will lay the fishing line in the middle of our (card base) Nestie frame and using very strong double-sided tape and making it snug, tape it down.  Now add double-sided tape to the back of your green Nestie frame and line it up with the frame on card base.  Mine wasn't exact, so you might need to turn it before adhering it down to see what will line up the best.  Adhere.

Step 12) Cut 2 hearts out in red (or other color/die)

Step 13) This is where the Quicky Glue Pen works PERFECTLy for this project!!  It's thin and glides across the intricate scroll work nicely.  But you have to work FAST before the blue turns to clear :)  You might have to go back over the dried parts.  Glue the backside of one heart and place glue side up UNDER the fishing line and then place the 2nd heart on top of the fishing line (face up).  Make sure to line up the hearts perfectly before smashing them together! 

Step 14)  Decorate the rest of your card as desired!  

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope you'll try this and don't forget... Serendipity Stamps has a 40% OFF coupon right now on the S.S. blog and it's good for their gorgeous Dies and stamps until May 21st!!  Thanks for stopping by and viewing my tutorial *Ü*

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Becky said...

What an awesome card Kristine! Love the heart and the the design paper. Great tutorial.

Kelly L said...

Beautiful card and terrific tutorial, Kris! thanks for sharing it with us. Hugs, Kelly xoxo

Kathy W. said...

Great tutorial..I'm so gonna try this. Thanks Kris for the inspiration =)

MariLynn said...

Awesome tutorial. Now I wish I didn't have to clean up. This looks like a lot of fun.

Leanne ... said...

Great directions Kris. I certainly will try doing this now.