Friday, April 06, 2012

What's so "Good" about Good Friday?

"How is celebrating the death of someone good news"? The brutality of crucifixion is horrific so how can that be good news?
Even though it was a horrific death, Jesus being crucified made it possible for you and me to stand right before God. And that’s the good news. No, that's GREAT news! Jesus said, "there is no greater love than to lay your life down for a friend… and you are my friends…" John 15:13
I hope this Easter season you get to experience the good news of Good Friday in a fresh new way. 

 “Why Jesus?”


Lorie said...

No one, except Jesus, could overcome evil and death. Good Friday seems like such a strange way to talk about it but nothing but good, for us, was done this day so many years ago.

Have a great Easter weekend Kris!

MaxineD said...

Thank you for this post Kris - yes, what rich blessings are ours thanks to Jesus!
Easter Blessings to you and yours

Glenda Atkins said...

It all led to the greatest news ever heard 'He is Risen'!

Happy Easter

Lovely Linda said...

Wow Kris - you have been busy - your projects are gorgeous - your details are fabulous!! We are so rich through Christ Jesus - and I am so grateful for all that was achieved on the Cross!! Thank you for sharing you art and your heart my friend! {{{hugs}}}

Kelly L said...

Amen, sister! and ... although they crucified him, he overcame death, saved our souls and ... He is Risen Indeed! :) Hallelujah!