Sunday, April 15, 2012

SSiC - Chipmunk Shaker Card

Good  morning!!  It’s my turn to host this week’s Stampin’ Sisters in Christ challenge.
The verse I chose is Colossians 1:27b, “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” 
My challenge is to use something transparent (ie. vellum, acetate – window sheets)
Our sponsor is Serendipity Stamps, who generously gifted each of our DT a rubber stamp set of our choice for today’s projects!!  THANK YOU again, Serendipity!!
For my card I used this cute Chipmunk with Daffodil to make a shaker card!  It also comes with a cute sentiment that I put on the inside of my card (see pic below).

Serendipity  sells window sheets (acetate) – you get 10 sheets of 8.5x11 for only $1

I used yellow dew drops for my noise-makers—makes shaking it more fun!! ha

I used a FREE svg daffodil from

The one on the front I cut out of vellum and the inside of card I just used cardstock.

Here’s the Inside of shaker card:

Colossians 1:27b, “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” 

Sometimes Scripture just speaks for itself, doesn’t it?  Paul is telling the church of Colosse about the glorious gift that is available even to Gentiles… which is “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”  It’s only because of Jesus Christ and His sacrificial love that all people can have the hope of Christ and spend eternity in glory with Him!

This verse came to mind when my boss asked me to laminate some things for him.  Last summer he went to Zimbabwe for a couple months, and when he came back he put in my hands a real 10 trillion dollar bill, (that’s 13 zeroes!), a 50 billion dollar bill, a 50 million dollar bill, 10 million dollars, 500 thousand dollars, etc.  Wish I could share some pics of them, pretty impressive!   Anyways, those denominations are no longer used in Zimbabwe  so now they sell them as souvenirs.

Their paper money is quite unique! Besides the fact that each denomination is a different color and a different size, the artwork on them is beautiful with pictures of African wildlife and landscapes.  However, it was very easy to counterfeit. People have even made photo copies and passed them as legal tender!    So the government decided to leave a blank, white space at the right center of the bills. When the money is viewed normally, this space seems to be completely void of any design or markings, but when the bill is held up to the light, a clear image of the Zimbabwe national bird is seen.  But the image of the bird is on the inside of the bill, making it nearly impossible to copy.

So the thought crossed my mind… what if people could hold us up to the light and see what’s inside?? Would they see the image of Christ??

Sometimes I’m glad people can’t see what’s inside… especially when someone treats me unfairly, or says something condescending… or when I’m just having a bad day and my kids have pushed my buttons for the last time.   None of us are perfect, or even at times perceived as Christian to others.  But the good news is that I accepted Christ into my heart at 9 yrs. old and because of that, nothing and no one can take away the living Christ in me.  I’ve been forgiven and I have HOPE that there’s something more glorious than we can imagine beyond this life here on earth… and I strive to live my life in a way that others can see Christ in me.  

And so my challenge to you this week is to use something transparent!  You don't have to use a Scripture verse or make a "religious" type of card... but my hope is that you'll think about Christ in your life as you make your creation this week.

I hope you’ll join us at SSiC Blog and see our new blog makeover and view my DT sister’s creations!!  Have a blessed week!


Becky said...

Kris, this is fabulously adorable!! I love the image and what a great idea for a shaker card.
Wonderful devotional this morning.

Miesje said...

I love this! You have such a gift for using the cute images and making them come alive. I love everything about this card. The way you used the images of the money and the transparency is perfect. I also love the blog look! Have a great week!

Lorie said...

Both of your cards are so bright and cheery Kris! They made me smile when I saw them!

Bananastamper said...

Such a cute card Kristine! Love how you used those little gems in your shaker card - they are perfect! Happy Sunday!

Kathy W. said...

So cute Kris! Love this awesome image and the shaker card....great idea :Þ

Seleise said...

love your shaker card filled with dew drops. adorable card!

Wendy said...

Hi Kris

I think this post is awesome! It is a theme God has driven home to me a couple of times recently and here it is again today!

Danni said...

So adorable!! and how clever to make it a shaker card!

Traci M said...

Hi Kris! Thanks for sharing your devotional have a way of making the profound simple to understand and a "transparency" that is hard to come by in a world where we always want to look our Sunday best!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!!
I love your card...this image is adorable and you have made it come alive with that sweet shaker card...what a happy card!
Thanks so much for your work on the blog, it is a lovely look!
Blessings on your week!

MaxineD said...

Cute card Kris, and thanks for the challenge in the devotional - I think :-).

Glenda Atkins said...

Super cute Kris!! Fabulous image and colour choices.! It all just goes together so well!!

Diane said...

Kris...your card is just adorable. Love using dew drops for the shaker card. I love the patterned papers too. Your devotional was the idea of transparency so the light of Christ can shine through us. Wonderful challenge.

Kelly L said...

Oh my goodness, that chipmunk image is SO cute, and a shaker card too?! I love to see those and create them myself! I may have to try my hand at one again this week. :) Pretty colors, pretty daffodil SVG, and love that sentiment "Hope youre feelin chipper." Too dog-gone cute! :) Hugs, Kel

Jeanne J said...

Your chipmunk is super cute! Such a happy card. Thanks for making me smile!

Peggysuez said...

That little chipmunk shaker is da bomb! And I truly enjoyed the analogy you made in your devotional as well.:) I will have you write my next one . . . I apologize, I had thought for sure that I had stopped by earlier in the week!

Helen said...

Thanks for the reminder. We should seek to be the same inside and out, but sometime's it's REALLY hard! I love that I'm forgiven, but it doesn't excuse me when I'm not seeking to be Christ-like. ;)Your card is uber adorable! Love it!