Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Tutorial ~ Digitally Paper Piecing in PS

Hello!  So *HAPPY* you dropped by!!  Doesn’t this cutie remind you of “Happy Feet”??  He looks like I paper pieced him, cut him out and popped him on the blue doesn’t it??  But I DIDN’T!!  I’m going to show you how I used Photoshop to digitally paper piece this li’l guy with digi papers, but FIRST… I’ve gotta tell you that you can get this digi set FREE at Doodle Pantry when you play in our challenge right now!!  It goes til the 24th and all you gotta do is USE ANY DIGI (not just a sentiment) from DOODLE PANTRY STORE and you will receive this QUIRKY PENGUIN set in your inbox!!

Now let’s get to the tutorial.  I didn’t realize until I made this tutorial how quickly I do this, and therefore didn’t realize just how many steps there are!!  So I took lots of pics for those who need to SEE what I did.  (just ask my mom… she’ll tell ya I’m one of those “Have to see it” type people, LOL)
TUTORIAL ~ Digitally Paper Piecing digis in Photoshop

(*I am working with a white-filled digi in png format here.  If you are working with just a black outline png, you can skip Steps #2-5)

**I don’t know how Laurie (owner of Doodle Pantry) digitally colors hers… 
but this is how I do it. 

STEP #1)  Open your PNG digi & digi paper in PS

**If you are working with a Black Outlined digi only (not white-filled) then skip steps 2-5 and go directly to step #6)

STEP #2)  In your LAYERS toolbox, right-click LAYER 0 and click DUPLICATE LAYER and name the new layer OUTLINE
*If you don’t have “LAYERS” showing, just go up to your “WINDOWS” tab at top and click on “LAYERS”

STEP #3) Click the "eyeball" (or uncheck) on LAYER 0 so it doesn't show.  Then, click on the OUTLINE layer so it is highlighted.  Also click the MAGIC WAND on the tools (left)

STEP #4)  Now click on the white-filled parts of your digi (one at a time) and hit DELETE button on your keyboard

STEP #5)  Click on LAYER 0 in your LAYERS box, making sure it is highlighted

STEP #6)  Click the MAGIC WAND in your tools (left) then click on penguin’s wing; it should show that the wing is selected (mine has a dotted line around the wing)

STEP #7)  Now click the MOVE TOOL on the toolbox to the left and then click on the digi paper and drag it onto your digi

It will look like something like this, but you should still see the wing selected. 

STEP #8)  Go up to the EDIT TAB up top and click CUT

STEP #9)  Go up to the LAYER TAB up top and click NEW > LAYER

STEP #10)  Go back to the EDIT TAB up top and click PASTE.  Then click the “eyeball” on the LAYER 1 so that layer no longer shows

STEP #11)  Making sure the MOVE TOOL is selected (on left) click the pattern wing and drag it into place

STEP #12)  Repeat steps 5-11 until all parts you want pieced are pieced, making sure you start each time on LAYER 0 so that it selects the parts on the original layer.

STEP #13)  Click the OUTLINE LAYER and drag it to the top of your layers.  This will put a nice black outline on top of your patterned pieces in case parts of them got covered up *Ü* 

I’m assuming you know how to then color the rest of your digi in PS??  If not, let me know and I’ll make another tutorial for you on how to color digis in PS and add drop shadows like my penguin on my card.  He isn’t cut out at all, just given a drop shadow and layered onto digi paper!  *Ü*

Thanks for stopping and hope this helped someone out there!  See you at Doodle Pantry!! 


Georgia Ehrmann said...

Wonderful creation and great tutorial! I am always afraid to try stuff with my photoshop but after viewing your tutorial I will give it a shot! Thank You!

Patti J said...

Totally adorable, Kris! If I ever get Photoshop, I'll come back and study!!! Your card is so cute - love it!!! Thanks for sharing, and have a good evening :)

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Aw!! This is the cutest Kris!! I love the colors and your design!! Wish I had PS, someday when I get it I may have to refer to this post. I would love to try it!!

Pat (mspfd) said...

Super fabulous tutorial! Hope I can duplicate your efforts since I only have an old photoshop elements program and my screenshots look different.

Your card is adorable, Chris! Love your design and your super cute pink penguin!

auntbeespickles said...

Hi Kris, what a darling card! Can't wait to use this set. I wondered how you always changed things up. Great job with the tutorial. Now I just need a better color printer. Such a fun card! =)
Hugs, Sarah

Glenda Atkins said...

Oh Kris this just fabulous, thanks so much for the tutorial, so kind of you to share your knowledge. I simply had no idea of how to do this. Hope my photoshop isn't too old:0) Your card is marvellous and so are you!!

Lorianna said...

Kris this is FAB!!!!
Thanks so much!!!
Would LOVE a tut on coloring the rest of the digi & adding drop shadows, I am one of those visual people too!!

Patti P. said...

Kris, thanks so much for the tutorial...can't wait to give this a try. I will take all of the instructions on PS that you want to hand out. I just get by in my PS and need to do some more studying but just don't take the time. Love your card!

Amy Johnson said...

Such a cute Paper-pieced penguin. You are such a computer whiz! I just put a piece of dp in the printer and click print. LOL!

Dawn Frost said...

Kris what a fantastic tutorial! Thank you so much, your penguin is amazing!

Helen said...

So, so cute! I love it! Your so awesome to share how to do these things with the rest of us "non-techies"! :)