Thursday, October 06, 2011

Tutorial ~ Coloring Digis in Photoshop

Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on yesterday’s tutorial on Paper Piecing in PS *Ü*  A few of you said you'd like to know how to color your digis in Photoshop, so I'm back to show you how!  I use an old version of Photoshop, PS7 in fact.  So your screenshots may not look exactly the same but you should be able to find similar buttons etc.   KRISOWL2wm
For my tutorial today, I'm going to work with Doodle Pantry’s Quirky Penguin ~ complimentary digi set if you come play in our Doodle Pantry Challenge going on now thru Oct. 24th!!   The Quirky Owl above is also from Doodle Pantry… aren’t they just the cutest?? 

Tutorial ~ Coloring Digis in Photoshop
* I do have a PDF of this tutorial suitable for printing, if you are unable to open that link, please email me at krisb33 (at) yahoo (dot) com and I will gladly send it to you!**
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**Note, I am using a white-filled PNG digi here.  This will also work for JPG’s or non-filled PNG’s. If you are using a non-filled PNG, you will get to skip a few steps *Ü* 

STEP #1)  Open your digi in PS. 
STEP #2)  Resize your CANVAS (not image) a li'l bigger than your digi so you can add a shadow w/o it getting cut off.  You can do this by going to the IMAGE tab at the top and clicking on CANVAS SIZE and changing the measurements.  I usually go about 1/2 inch larger both width and heighth.
*NOTE: if you are working with just a black outline png (not white-filled), then skip steps 3-6 and go to step #7.
STEP #3)   Make sure you can view your LAYERS.  If you cannot, go up to WINDOW tab at top and click on LAYERS until a box shows up similar to mine below. Now RIGHT-CLICK on "LAYER 0" and click "DUPLICATE LAYER" and name it "OUTLINE"
STEP #4) Uncheck LAYER 0 by clicking on the eyeball, and click on OUTLINE so that it's highlighted.
STEP #5)  Click the MAGIC WAND in your tools (to the left) and then click on a white-filled part of the penguin and hit the DELETE button.  (If you are still seeing a white-filled wing, then you did NOT do step 4 correctly.  MAKE SURE that you have the LAYER 0 unchecked so you are not seeing that layer, and then be sure you have the OUTLINE layer highlighted!!) 
STEP #6)  Repeat STEP #5 until all white-filled parts are gone and you are left with a black outline.  Click the eyeball on LAYER 0 now so that your original white-filled layer is showing.
STEP #7)   We are now working on LAYER 0 so be sure to click it so it’s highlighted.   On the TOOLS bar, click the MAGIC WAND.  Now click on the outter body of the penguin.
STEP #8)  Go up to the LAYERS tab at the top and create a NEW LAYER and name it OUTTER BODY
STEP #9)  Click on the PAINT BUCKET tool (on left) and then click on your color palette (the black/white squares) and choose your color.  A normal penguin would be black, but since he’s “Quirky” I’m making him some fun colors  ;) 
STEP #10)   Repeat STEPS 7-9 making sure you go back to LAYER 0 before you select a new part of the penguin, and making sure to create a new layer to “fill” the color.  When you get to his TUMMY, do the same as the other layers, but color it white.
*NOTE:  you should now have each part of your penguin colored!  Now I’m going to show you how to add dimension and drop shadows to your li’l guy! 
STEP #11)  Let’s start by giving his white tummy some shading.  On your LAYERS window, click to highlight the TUMMY layer.
STEP #12)  Go up to LAYER up top and click on LAYER STYLE and then INNER SHADOW.  (Make sure you on on your TUMMY layer)
STEP #13)  You’ll want to change the color of your shadow from black (default) to whatever color you desire.  I did a light turquoise color for mine.  Also you’ll want to play with the DISTANCE and SIZE sliders until you get something you like!  See my photo for reference:
STEP #14)  Now let’s give the wings some depth!  In your LAYERS window, click on one of the WINGS layers.
STEP #15)  Go up to LAYER tab up top and click on LAYER STYLE and then INNER GLOW.   Now look in the “ELEMENTS” section ~ there are two boxes.  Check the one that says CENTER.   Now move the SIZE slider until you get the desired amount of glow!  Mine is set at 90 pixels here.  Click OK.
STEP #16)  Now let’s give it more dimension by adding an inner shadow.  So Go back up to LAYER tab up top and click on LAYER STYLE and then INNER SHADOW.  Change the color to be a DARKER SHADE of the color you used for his wings.  Then change the DISTANCE and SIZE sliders until you get what you want!  Notice how much it changes when you slide them?  Click OK.
STEP #17)  Now to get the same styling on his other wing, you’ll want to RIGHT CLICK on the same WING layer you were just on and click COPY LAYER STYLE.  Now RIGHT CLICK on his other WING layer and click PASTE LAYER STYLE.  That will make them exactly the same. 
STEP #18)  Just repeat Steps 11-16 until all your parts have glows and shading!  Here is mine so far:
**SAVE YOUR WORK**  Make sure to save it in both PNG format as well as PSD so you can work in layers later!  The PNG format will allow you to place your digi directly on digi paper and not have that white background behind it.  So **SAVE YOUR DIGI NOW**
STEP #19)  Now let’s give him an outter shadow and/or drop shadow.  We’re going to be working with LAYER 0, so click on that layer in your LAYERS box.    Go up to LAYER tab up top and click LAYER STYLE and then OUTTER GLOW.
STEP #20)  Change the COLOR of the glow to a turquoise (or whatever color you desire).  You can change the SPREAD & SIZE and the OPACITY until you get something that suits you. Remember that it’s a bit hard to see with the checkered board in bg but when you save as a jpg it will be much stronger.    (see pic beneath this one)
Penguin9-2 Here’s my Penguin with an outter glow:
NOW… if you’d like to put this guy directly onto digi paper before you print out, here’s what you’d do:
STEP #21)  You need to work with the PNG version of this guy, so Go to FILE, then OPEN, and find your colored PNG penguin and click OPEN.  Then go back up to FILE, then OPEN, and find a digi paper you want to put him on and click OPEN.
STEP #22)  Click the MOVE tool and then click on the penguin layer and drag him onto the digi paper.  Now you can resize him by dragging the corners of the square around him.  If you do resize him, you’ll prolly need to validate that change (mine has a checkmark in top right corner on my taskbar and says “commit to transform” if I hover over it.  Yours may ask in a different way?)
STEP #23)   Go up to LAYER tab up top and click LAYER STYLE and then DROP SHADOW.  Make sure you are on LAYER 1 in your LAYERS box.
STEP #24)  Leave the color black (or you can change to a dark grey) and change the DISTANCE, SPREAD & SIZE to get the desired results!  Click OK
Here’s he is on DP!!
*Doodle Pantry has the cutest Quirky animals line… as well as many other kinds of digi sets and many of them come with DIgi Papers like I used here!  Please come visit us at Doodle Pantry Store & Blog!  *Ü* 

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. 


Patti J said...

Another fabulous tutorial! I'm going to someday get all updated with Photoshop, and I'll come back and get smart! Totally fun, my friend! Thanks for sharing! You are a very good teacher.'s a challenge for you. I'm an old lady with very limited resources, like Microsoft Word and Excel...ha ha ha. Can you teach me how to make and use a watermark? You rock, Kris!

Lorie said...

Another thing to 'pin' to my how-to board on Pinterest! Thanks so much for the tutorial Kris!

Lorianna said...

Hi Kris
Thank you so much!!
This is so clear!
I know these take time to make and I want you to know we appreciate it!!!
I have PS 7 on my computer , I'll have to dust it off and use it!
Usually use DIP 10 still an oldy but a goody!

Donna said...

OMGoodness - thanks so much for the tutorial, Kris!! I don't have this software yet but it's on the list now to buy. Thanks again!!

Georgia Ehrmann said...

another great tutorial! Hopefully I can try it out this weekend....Thank you so much!

Kathy W. said...

Excellent tutorial Sis! Love the image on dp. Looks fantastic *Ü* (you know I'm gonna have to call when I get ready to do this,

Dawn Frost said...

Kris keep the tutorials coming, eventually I'll learn how to do it, lol! Thanks so much!!

Glenda Atkins said...

Another wonderful informative tutorial! Thanks Kris!