Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Laughing Giraffes T-Shirts and Cards

*Warning:  this is a loong post, so if you'd prefer to scroll thru and just peek at the pics, feel free!  ;)

A few weeks ago I put in a request to Faith of Designed 2 Delight for a digi featuring laughing giraffes (remember those?)  The reason being my daughters are in a 4-H club that was going to a competition where they were going to be judged on their team shirts, amongst other things.  Their group came up with the name "The Laughing Giraffes"... so I had the idea of printing a digi onto transfers and ironing them on to T-shirts!  Faith was a sweetheart and drew these super cute giraffes.   Thank you Faith!! 
Another shout out goes to Shawne of Studio 313 who colored up these cute giaffes in photoshop for me as I was having trouble with that part.  I've seen how she digitally colors her digis and they turn out so beautifully!  So, once again...thank you so much Shawne!!  *Ü* 

I gave these cuties santa hats and added some Word Art, then printed several to make these simple Christmas cards for all the 4-H leaders/coaches and the boys' team.

Now the Part about the T-Shirts:
Good News/Bad News.  Let's do the Bad news first.  Communication between myself, daughter and her 4-H leader got disheveled and while I was printing the transfers, he had sent in the outline (non-colored in) version to the T-shirt place to have them printed up.  EEEK!  Good News... is that they still turned out really cute and the girls were so happy with them! 

And here's the colored version that Shawne colored and I ironed on.   
Sorry the picture's a li'l burry. Don't ask about that big KNOB on her shirt corner... must be a "fashion" thing. They're all wearing their shirts like that these days. (???) LOL!

More than most of you will ever want to know:

The 4-H club is called S.T.E.M. which stands for Science, Technology, Electronics, and Math. They learn things like Geo Caching, how to build robots and program them with computers, how windmills work and they recreate them, and for last year's Fair project, they each made their own rockets and set them off at fair. Carly's got "Best of Show" and went to State Fair and got 1st place there. (sorry to gloat, just a proud mama!)

The competition that they went to was the FLL (First Lego League) in which they compete with a robot that they build themselves and program it to do as many obstacles on a huge mat as possible. It's just one part of their club events throughout the year. It's an all-day competition, 8-5, but only compete 4 times thoughout the day: they have only 1 min. for ea. of the 3 obstacle competitions, and then they have 5 min. to do a presentation based on teamwork. They have to come up with a problem and a solution for it. This year's theme had to do with the body. They are judged on teamwork, presentation, and content. Their presentation was about OsteoArthritis (in the foot) and their answer to help aleviate the problem was "The Springy".... a shoe with big springs between the shoe and another sole. They had a big presentation board and a replica of the Springy shoe. (don't ask! LOL. Guess you had to be there)

The Whole Gang
Girls Team = The Laughing Giraffes
Boys Team = The Lego Muskateers

Bet your asking "How'd They DO?"
Well, the girls didn't place in the top ranks to get a trophy, but they still had lots of fun and it was a good learning experience.  Part of the problem they ran into was a couple weeks before competition they had to totally rebuild their bot, which meant starting over on the programming too.  I'm very proud of them for sticking with it and following through.  Great job girls!!  *Ü*

And the boys got first reserve champion trophy (out of 12 teams in Central Oregon)... good job guys!!  Keep up the great work!!


Lorie said...

Kris! This is a GREAT post! Thank you so much for filling us in on how the girls did. Congrats to them and the boys! LOVE the t-shirts!

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

Thank you for sharing! The shirts turned out so cute! I esp love the colored one.

I don't get the t'shirt banded thing either. Girls here band it to the back. And they thought we dressed weird in the 80's!! LOL

Kathy Winter said...

Oh the shirts turned out great Kris...I too love the colored one. I remember banding my shirts in high school, don't you?

Shawne said...

Uh, fashion flashback for me too! I titally banded ALL of my T's like that in the 80's! My girls do it too, and my oldest, highschooler in the back like Debbie said (seems like it would be uncomfortable to lean back, but when was fashion ever really comfortable, LOL)! I really love the cards you did! Super cute, and Faith's giraffe's are so cute and fun to color!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Those shirts look awesome!! Good for them!! :) I adore your cards hun!! The Christmas hats looks darling!! TFS! HUGS

Lori said...

The cards and shirts came out great. The colored version is fabulous! Congrats to all and never be sorry to gloat over your dear daughters. I brag and gloat all the time about mine. :-) We used to knot our t-shirts in the 80's where I lived. The girls here band too.

Rose Ann said...

Those giraffes are so very cute, and I love your cards!! I agree that the shirts turned out great, even though they didn't have them in color as they were supposed to be!