Monday, April 12, 2010


EDITED: This Game is now Closed. Thank you so much for all my wonderful friends who played in my li'l guessing game!! It was very short notice, and for those who weren't online last night --- (and even those who were!) --- you will have another chance to win an even Better prize! (see post above!)


Okay, so this is my THIRD post in one day--a record breaker I'm sure! LOL. But I just couldn't wait to share this little sneak peek with you all!! You will be able to see more sneak peeks tomorrow... BUT I'm not going to tell you where just yet! You'll have to check in here tomorrow, Tuesday to find out!

So let's make a game of it. Just leave me a comment here on this post and tell me what you think this is... and what company she is coming from!! I will draw a winner from the correct guesses and that person will WIN THIS stamp!! *Ü*


Cheryl Walker said...

Awww Kristine Im sure she, DARLING little princess is soooo cute!!! I cant wait to see her!!! I guess she is from La la land and will be a pretty little girl "princess" :)

Thank you for the invite hun! Hope you are doing well :)


BananaStamper said...

I'm thinking she will be a cutie from La La Land! Your coloring is fantastic - can't wait to see the completed project!
Shanna :)

peggysue said...

I am guessing LaLa Land as well and since others have guessed princess I think since you colored her red she might be little Red Riding Hood!

Pam S. said...

I'm guessing a new digi from MaMahon Five!
Pam Going Postal

Christine said...

I am guessing she is a little girl dancing and she is probably a new release from La La Land Crafts. Right or wrong she looks adorable from the sneak peek that I can see. I can't wait to find out what it is.
xoxo, Christine

Grace said...

Oh she's going to be cute, whoever she is! I'm thinking she'll be a little dancing queen from D'Amour Allure... almost looks like Annabelle but who knows! LOL! Fun game any way! Can't wait to see the rest now!!!

Risa said...

Hi Kristine,
You know I am totally clueless but I'm going to side with the majority. She has to be a new La La Land. At any rate, from what I see so far, I know she will be adorable!
Thanks for the chance!

Sue from Oregon said...

hmmm...I am absolutely terrible about guessing, but I am going to guess and new little McMahon Five stamp...maybe Cinco de Mayo?

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Oh Kristine...from what I can see she looks beautiful!! I guess she is a princess..... from McMahon Designs?

Randi said...

LOL haven't got a clue! So I will guess what most are saying...La La Land.

Maria said...

Hmmmm. . .she looks pretty. I'll say Rosie from Lala Land or it could be Lala. . .:) Thanks for the fun game, Kristine!!!


Helen said...

Well, the lines of her dress are not crisp enough to be Lala or Rosie, so after as much research as I can do when I'm about to fall off my chair sleeping, my guess is going to be McMahon Five's new D'Amour Allure's princess.

Lovely Linda said...

Hi Kris - I am thinking she is a D'Amour Allure girl...whoever she is she looks wondefully coloured Kris - I will be watching to see who she belongs to - adorable!! Thanks for the opportunity! {{{hugs}}}

Jodi said...

OK, after looking at a few images from both LaLa Land and McMahon Five, I will guess it is from McMahon Five Designs and it looks like a D'Amour Allure image. How about a dancing princess ~ she almost looks as though she could be curtsying. Can't wait to see the rest.

Rosa-kreattiva said...

Thanks for the chance!
io credo che sia una principessa ed deve essere un nuovo timbro magico.... di La La Land saluti dall'italia

Laurie said...

If it's not too late to guess I will say she's a ballroom dancer from McMahon Five.

Kimmi said...

Pretty Princess! Love the red dress!

great peek, cant wait to see the full card tomoro!

Kimmi xx

Kelly - KL Stampin N Scrappin said...

Bummer, I missed it, but I would have guessed she is a digi from McMahon Five, too. She does look like she is curtsying, and has to be cute! Anything you use is elegant or adorable! Hugs, Kel