Friday, March 12, 2010

LOC - Day 3 Sneak Peek {Acanthus Leaves}

Hello, and welcome to another fun day of sneak peeks!! I hope you've enjoyed the sets you've seen so far?! Today we are showing you peeks of the set, Acanthus Leaves which will be released with the other 3 new releases on March 15th at Layers of Color!!

(Pardon my photo quality--I had to take the pic in the evening with bad lighting. I'll try to swap it out when I can take it outside for a better shot. In the meantime, you can click the pic to enlarge for detail. Thanks!)

Today I went a little out of my element with this set when I had the idea to fit most of the flourish leaves in a puzzle-like manor onto a bird template and it worked perfectly!! I used 6 of the 8 stamps in the set just for the bird, and they are all colored with metallic pencils. The piece on my poem is also from this beautiful set, and yet another stamp is on my background. I found this "Parent's Creed" from an older hymn book that was in my garage. I distressed it a bit more for an aged look as it apparently wasn't "old enough", LOL. I love this poem and at the end it talks about your children stretching their wings and leaving the nest to fly. So it goes perfectly with this beautiful bird. The metal piece below the poem says, "Live, Laugh, Love."

Here's a close-up of the bird. The metallic pencils actually have a sheen to them and are so pretty IRL. You won't want to miss these peeks from our Design Team:

Hope you've enjoyed the sneak peeks so far?! Remember we are sharing peeks every day up until the 15th, when YOU can have a chance to WIN ALL 4 STAMP SETS!! Stay tuned for more deets *Ü*

EDITED TO ADD: I was asked about this poem so I thought I would type it out for you here.

The Parents' Creed

I believe that my children are a gift of God-the hope of a new tomorrow.

I believe that immeasurable possibilities lie slumbering in each son and daughter.

I believe that God has planned a perfect plan for their future, and that His love shall always surround them; and so

I believe that they shall grow up!! - first creeping, then toddling, then standing, stretching skyward for a decade and a half - until they reach full stature - a man and a woman!

I believe that they can and will be molded and shaped between infancy and adulthood - as a tree is shaped by the gardener, and the clay vessel in the potter's hand, or the shoreline of the sea under the watery hand of the mighty waves; by home and church; by school and street, through sights and sounds and the touch of my hand on their hand and Christ's spirit on their heart! So,

I believe that they shall mature as only people can - through laughter and tears, through trial and error, by reward and punishment, through affection and discipline, until they stretch their wings and leave their nest to fly!

O God - I believe in my children. Help me so to live that they may always believe in me - and so in Thee.

~Robert H. Schuller


maddy hill said...

lovely card - and those metalic pencils really look lush !


Patter Cross said...

Oooh, look at those rich and gorgeous colors and wonderful coloring! Such a beautiful creation with the newest set! Love this!! Have a blessed day!

Lovely Linda said...

WOW Kristine YOU ROCK! This is divine and so inspired - you are so creative and such a blessing to LOC with your artistic creations! I love this and that fabulous creed - definitley a 'work of the heart!' Well done Kristine! Love it! God bless you! {{{hugs}}}

Diane said...

It's stunning Kristine!!

MariLynn said...

Kristine, Oh my! This is fantastic. I love how you have them on the bird. That was so creative. I especially love how you have the fluer de leaves colored.

Helen said...

Wow. For once, I'm speechless! It's beyond lovely.

Lori said...

This turned out lovely, so neat that you used so many stamps like a puzzle! The coloring is amazing! Wow!!!

Laura - Layers of Color said...

WOW!!!!This doesn't look out of your element at all, I'd say the natural artist in you is growing! My, I'm so excited to see you stretch your wings! What incredible results!! Gorgeous!

I'm so proud of you, Kristine!

And thank you for sharing that poem, it's really beautiful too.


peggysue said...

This is so very pretty! What a gorgeous bird.

Barbara Hagerty said...

The bird is gorgeous! What a beautiful piece of artwork!

Kristen said...

Kristine, this is STUNNNG!!!! gorgeous!