Thursday, January 14, 2010

Praying for Haiti

The recent earthquake in Haiti is, to say the least, sad and heartwrenching. My husband got word today that there is no water supply in Haiti right now and many who are trapped will die from thirst alone. Many are raising awareness and offering ways to help. Amongst those are my nephew, who's in the Navy. He just got home from Iraq a few short weeks ago and was there to see his first child born about a week ago. Now he's going to be taking supplies to Haiti soon, bless his heart. Please pray for him and for his wife, Misti as she is still recovering from birth and dealing with a newborn by herself.

Please also pray for those in Haiti right now... for families of loved ones who died, for those who are trapped, and for those who are providing help. If you have been financially blessed and would like to help, please click on the picture above to go to our KLove, our Christian radio station and read how you can help! If you don't have the means to help financially, you can help in a big way by praying. I also heard some very encouraging stories about children singing in the park over there in Haiti that could be heard from the filming of news anchor Katie Couric. She seemed confused as to why there was singing going on, but we know that even in tragedy, there is a reason to rejoice and have HOPE!


Diane said...

I will def keep your nephew and his wife and baby child in my prayers Kristine!
Also the Haiti people of course!
God bless them!

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

This is so devastating. My thoughts and prayers are definitely with those in Haiti and with your nephew and family. I can't even imagine....

Rose Ann said...

I will keep them all in my prayers, Kristine.