Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More R.A.K.s and Awards/Tags

Hello! I've recieved more Christmas cards from some wonderful blogging friends this week that blessed me so much, so as my way of saying THANK YOU to them, I wanted to share them here for the rest of you to enjoy and be able to click through and see their blogs... so, here we go!

Debbie Pamment
Diane LaPointe
My Mom - who has no internet :(
(OOOPS! Lost a bow on the left side somewhere between taking it out of the envelope and taking a picture of this! That's why there's an "empty spot" there.

Thank you to all my blogger friends who've sent cards... and to those who have sent email wishes!! I know that many of you have said you're falling behind this year and I am in the same boat. I am really wishing I had joined Sparkle's Christmas card-a-week this year and would've gotten cards out much sooner. I will keep that in mind and put that on my TO DO list this coming year for sure! But please know that I do appreciate you all and am wishing you JOY, LOVE, and HAPPINESS this Christmas season!!
And now, I have a couple of awards and a tag to share. I've learned to post them as I get them or else I forget... and it prolly IS the polite thing to do, ;)

All of these came from my dear friend Lisa Hjulberg, and I will start with the survey since she's dying to hear my answers, LOL! Just kidding.

1. My childhood ambition: to be a teacher - I used to play school with my sister and friends after school and all through the summer, bringing home "extra" books and workbooks from school.

2. My retreat: being home alone without the hubby and kids and getting to do whatever I want, which is not to have to cook or clean for anyone!

3. The perfect day: walking on a non-crowded beach on a sunny day, but not too hot, with my hubby and girls and collecting sea shells and enjoying ice cream!

4. My first job was: besides babysitting, it was working at the Dairy Queen (worked 2 weeks and then quit)
5. My wildest dream: to move to Ireland after inheriting a somewhat old homestead/farm with lots of lush green hills to play with the kids in and we'd live close enough to walk into a little town where everyone was warm and friendly and treated each other like family. And I would own a cake shop, where I baked and decorated gorgeous cakes for people's weddings or other parties, etc. and I'd always have spectacular cakes to show in the window.

6. If my life was a movie it would be called: Anne of Green Gables. I've always wanted to change my name... I always got teased as a kid for my red hair and freckles... at times I can have a temper... I love the ocean...and although not extraordinarily untraditional in speaking or writing, I am a bit of a dreamer . (ok, so the question actually said "musical" but I really don't know enough musicals to compare my life to!)

7. My proudest moment: Besides the obvious... giving birth to my 2 beautiful daughters... it would have to be when I got a 4.0 in college after a really tough semester of being sick for a month and then working really hard to catch up and do well on my tests.
8. My favorite item of clothing: my cozy black/white sweater
9. I feel ready for the day when I: have showered, dressed and fixed up and have had my devotions for the day.
10. I COULD live without: hmmm, does this have to be something we use every day? If so, then I'd say... the phone --- easily the phone! As long as I had my computer but I'd definately have to have one of them to talk with my sister regularly. *Ü*

Here is a blogging award that Lisa passed onto all her Design Team sisters at Stampin' Sisters in Christ Challenges... THANK YOU Lisa!!

and we are to name 7 things that others might find interesting about us...

1. Love to decorate cakes and use to have an in-home business called Kris Marie's Party Cakes for several years.

2. Love to crochet and have made lots of afghans, several of which I got first place in the county fair. I've also crocheted stuffed animals for children.

3. I love to sing and have background as music worship leader at church.

4. I was a tour guide at a museum at Mt. Rushmore for 2 years while going to college.

5. I've lived in 11 (eleven) houses/apartments (not counting college dorms) in my lifetime.

6. I was a picky eater growing up and to this day I don't like my foods touching each other. It might end up all jumbled up in my tummy, but it doesn't have to be a jumbled mess in my mouth. I like to savor each individual flavor.

7. I had braces for 3 years as an adult and through both my pregnancies. Let me tell you... having them tilt you back when you're 8 mo.s preggo and walk off and leave you there is NOT a pleasant experience! Ugh!

Okay, and this last one also came from Lisa, whose blog I find FABULOUS as well...
Alrighty then! I'm about bloggered out for this post, LOL! I pass these all onto Kathy, Kelly, Chris O, Chris S, Nikki, Cheryl, Jessica, Sparkle, Heidi, Deb, Debbie, Diane, Melanie, Helen, Jane, Irina, Kim, Christi, Charmaine, Mindy, Jodi, Joanna, Jacilynn, Risa, Sue from Oregon, Shanna Banana, Crystal, Lisa F, Danni, and Dani.

Honestly, I'm a tad exhausted right now to add links, so if you see your name up there and you frequent my blog, then it's YOU! LOL! I'll try to go back later to add those. Thanks so much for spreading the love girls!!



Diane said...

Oh you're welcome,and all of them are sooo beautiful! And the award is so well deserved!
Have a Merry Christmas to you and your family Kristine!!!

Lisa Hjulberg said...

Of course I was dying to hear your answers!!! I hate to say you forgot the five things you are fond of for the Fabulous Blogger award. hahaha!

After reading all this, I see we have LOTS more in common than we even knew... which is why we get along so well!

I love your wildest dream...it's something I would love to do, too! I'll scout out a place for you when I go to Europe for a year. You can come visit me! And bake me a cake.

Is your middle name Marie? That's mine, too!!!!

Love you, girlfriend.