Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WOWIE! This is Awesome!!

Just a Quick Shout Out for my friend Lisa! LOOK what happened to HER!! Oh my goodness... we were scared at first, but once I clicked through to the link I was sooo thrilled to see her featured! CONGRATULATIONS LISA!!!

EDITED: Oh, and yes...I should add that I am the very proud owner of that amazing card! She wrote inside that it was her and I on the card--looks "JUST LIKE US!" =0) thanks again Lisa!! You are soo sweet.

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Lisa Hjulberg said...

You are so sweet, Kristine! Thanks for the shout out. I was definitely nervous to see the word "critique," but thank goodness people only spoke if they had something nice to say (whew!). (LOL)

I should mention that this card went to you because that's you and me on the front! Looks just like us, don't you think?

Love and hugs,