Sunday, August 09, 2009

Women to Women and BLOG CANDY

Another Happy Sunday to you! =0) As I was hopping over to Lorie's blog to see her fabulous "Sister Challenge" post, I read another of her posts that directed me over to Women to Women: Sharing Jesus... a devotional blog that's very uplifting!! I started following this blog months ago. This week Grace shares this analogy really of Blog Followers and BLOG CANDY to following Jesus and the ULTIMATE CANDY that only Jesus can give!! It's a very good article, so I want to share it with all of you.

NOW ABOUT THE BLOG CANDY!! Grace is giving away some fabulous stamping goodies over on her blog, Th-INK-ing of You so please head on over and get entered to win! Goes until Sept. 27!! :0)

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Lisa Hjulberg said...

Thanks for the referral... I was blessed by the article... I agree with it wholeheartedly...and I'm now following that blog. It refreshes the soul!

Hugs my dear friend,