Friday, May 01, 2009

Kelly, You Are the Best!!

Look what came in the mail today!! ☺ Not only did Kelly, of KLSNS, send me my Rachelle Anne Miller Birthday Monkeys stamp that I ordered, she also sent me these pearls and 2 CUTE little alpaca finger puppets for my girls to play with!! Kelly's parents own an Alpaca Farm and she recently went to a big Alpaca fair where she saw these cuties (made with alpaca yarn!) and picked them up! Thanks so much Kel--You're the BEST! The girls are playing with them as I type! :) Carly named the brown one "Daisy" and Maddy named the black one "Black Licorice" and they've only had them for about 5 minutes! (they're sooo into animals!!) Lottsa Hugs xXx


Lorie said...

Ack how fun...both the stamp and the finger puppets!

Cassie said...

how sweet!
thanks for stopping by! I'm thrilled to be working with the talent on the II team! Will be lots of fun!!

Abra Leah Cross said...

Those are adorable! :) We like llamas.

Diane said...

Sweet!!! I'm sure you will have fun with your goodies and so will the girls,those puppets are so darn cute!

Cheryl Walker said...

How sweet!!! love the puppets!!! and your goodies:)

I just had to watch your watercoloring video, and love it!!!! you did a great job on the video, and I love the coloring you did tooo:)

Have a nice weekend hun!!!


Rose Ann said...

What wonderful goodies!! I'm sure you and the girls will enjoy them!! :)