Monday, April 06, 2009

My Daughter Sang for Church

Carly, age 10, sang this song on Palm Sunday (originally sung by Nicole Nordeman)
Sorry the video is so dark, but the lights had to be down for the video behind her to show up. (If you click the bottom button...2nd one in from right, it will fill your screen, although it loses quality)

**NOTE: If other clips appear after this video, please do not click on them.
I have no control over what YouTube attaches at the end. Thank You!


Tonya said...

What a little cutie and she sang so beautifully! Please tell her that I enjoyed watching the video and that she did a MARVELOUS job!! >:0)

Debbie Pamment said...

She has great presence - not many 10 year olds could have done this anywhere apart from their own lounge room! She's done sooo well. And I bet you are as proud as punch!

Cheryl Hirzel said...

Wow! A beautiful song! And sung very beautifully! I have never heard this song before, it is one I won't soon forget, if ever. Your daughter did an excellent job!

Terri said...

She did great! How sweet! She's so cute & very talented! Terri

Marcia said...

Wow, she is amazing Kris, you both should be proud of her. There aren't too many adults who would get up and do this - what a presence in her!

:) Marcia

Diane said...

Wow! That was great! She is very talented!! Way to go Carly!!!!
You did an amazing job!!!

*Vicki* said...

How sweet!! I'm sure you're very proud of her!! :)

You had asked about the different colors of loose glitter on my sparkly stained glass tutorial and the package that I got came from doodlebug that I picked up at the convention I went to. I'm sure you can get it on-line somewhere. There are lots of different types of glitters everywhere. Let me know if you need any more help!

Lisa Hjulberg said...

Ahhh... that brought tears to my eyes! What a sweet song with a powerful message, and Carly did a great job! That was a LOT of lyrics to remember!

I hope you and yours have a truly blessed Easter, Kristine.

Love ya,

Kelly - KL Stampin N Scrappin said...

Aww, that is so sweet! Definitely a video, I am sure you will cherish. Great job, Carly!! :) Hugs, Aunt Kelly

Rose Ann said...

Carly did a wonderful job!! You must be so proud!!