Saturday, April 25, 2009

Arbor Day Ceremony & New Siggy

Well, I can't say that "Arbor Day" is a holiday that we normally celebrate, but this year it was. My daughter won first place in a poster contest at school for Arbor Day!! Go Carly!! ☺ Only 4th and 5th graders could participate, but didn't have to. They had over 40 submissions and all the winners (1st--4th place) were all 4th graders!! They had a ceremony this morning in Metolius so the winners could help plant the new blue spruce, and Carly was the only winner who showed up. There were several others there though from the community including the Mayor. Our girls got to help plant the tree. They also got a certificate and won an unpainted birdhouse and DQ gift certificates! More pics are up on our family blog.

Did you notice my new siggy? Did you "get it"?? Kristine "Bee"... I mean, "B" LOL!!! You're prolly tired of my little technical antics, but I feel like a kid with a new Christmas toy! Okay...over -n- out. Hope you get time to Ink Something! ☺



Debbie Pamment said...

Congratulations Carly!!!! What an exciting achievement. Don't forget to post that bird house once it's all decorated up!

Lorie said...

Go Carly is right! That is fantastic...congrats! I love your cute! We need to talk...I might need to hire you to make something for me! I'm gettin' a little bored over here on my blog! :o)

de said...

So sweet! Your daughter(s) are beautiful! And I love the siggy.... but I don't get it... ha ha, just kidding, love the BEE!

Marcia said...

Yay Carly, well done love.

:) Marcia P

Diane said...

Yay Carly!!! That is one wonderful poster you created! You're a real winner!!!
Love your signature BEE!!!!!

Lisa Hjulberg said...

Like mother, like daughter... creativity definitely runs in your family!

I love your new siggy. I'm so lame, I didn't get the "bee" right off, but it's perfect!