Friday, March 13, 2009

Some Fun Blog Awards

I've been such a bad blogger when it comes to posting the blog awards that you've given me, and I apologize! I do feel a little weird to announce them about myself...I think I'm better at giving them than receiving them, but I just read on someone's blog that posting them ASAP is the "polite" thing to do. Now I feel so bad that I didn't acknowledge these publicly (although I did leave them a comment to thank them on their post). So here goes:

I'm very honored to receive these first two awards from my new friend and DT member, Carolyn of P.M.S. etc. Thanks so much Carolyn!! You are so talented, and just such a friendly and sweet person...I'm so glad I've gotten to know you!!

This next super cute award was given to me by my good friend Kelly of Wishin' I Was Stampin'
Awww...thanks sweetie!! You are one of my faves too! Kelly is the sweetest in a genuine kind of way, and it was soo good chatting on the phone with you!! xXx
This beautiful award came from Tonya of Olde Country Creations. Tonya was a winner of one of my recent blog candy posts, and I'm so glad she entered cause I got the chance to visit her awesome blog, and get to know her a bit too! Tonya has such a cheery personity and has become one of my loyal readers/commentors and I'm so thankful for you!!
With this one we are to list 7 things we love and then pass it on, so here goes:
  1. My family, friends, and God
  2. Stamping/Crafting/and blogging about it
  3. Digiscrapping/Creating blog banners
  4. Singing/leading worship at church
  5. Playing with my kids
  6. Walking barefoot at the beach
  7. Making others smile/brightening their day

and lastly, this award was given to me by two people: Carolyn of P.M.S. etc as well as my co-DT member and new friend Jessica of Jess' Obsession. I just recently found out that Jessica is a vertinarian and she has some awesome dog & cat cards on her blog (go check em out!). Jess just oozes creativity! Check out this post from yesterday at our DT blog :) Thank you so much ladies!! I really do appreciate your kindness, and again, I'm so sorry I didn't post these right away. I've learned my lesson and I'll try to do better. I'm honored that you like my blog and/or my comments! Because I posted so many at one time, I can't possibly do the requirements if they had any, so I'd like to pass these along to ALL of my blog readers and commenters because I enjoy visiting all of yours as well, and your comments mean the world to me.


Rose Ann said...

Congrats on your awards, Kristine! You deserve 'em! ;)

Tonya said...

Congrats sweetie and thank you for your wonderful comments about me. I am SO happy I found your blog.


Trina said...

Oh my goodness....I guess I am not a good person either. I usually take a look at the award...sometimes remember to commment, and then forget all about it!
I think awards are nice, but when I was sending out awards, hardly anyone ever posted them either. I kind of decided that they get a little out of hand sometimes.
I know of a couple other bloggers who feel the same way..more a hassle then anything. Do you think that makes me a bad blogger?
Congrats on all the awards! Have a wonderful weekend!