Monday, February 16, 2009

R.A.K. Parade

Sorry I haven't stamped in a few days...I was sick and then got busy with Valentine's stuff. But I got a few birthday cards that I wanted to show and thank you for! (This birthday thing seems to go on and on, doesn't it? lol...sorry! I'll try to post something I've created by tomorrow).

This beautiful butterfly was stamped onto transparency--
how unique and beautiful! I ♥ butterflies. Thank you, Donna Baker!!
This cutie on this gorgeous Basic Grey paper, and Swatch Book is by Lorie Ames...I ♥ both of them! Thanks, Lorie!! This pretty blue card is by my mother. She doesn't have internet, but I wanted to document this for posterity's sake ;)
and this beauty is from my sister, Kathy--cute topiary image and pretty papers! Love the heart wire thingy on there too ;) Thank you, sis! ♥ ya!
My daughter, Carly made this slider card with one of my favorite things...butterflies! :) Great job Carly!
You make my heart HAPPY! and my other daughter, Maddy drew this picture of penguins sliding down a hillside (I thought they were seaturtles, but was informed they were penguins, lol) and she made this cute little ? thingy...I think it's like a charm keychain. Thank You honey!! I ♥ all of them!
All of these cards were so touching--I appreciate your thoughtfulness so much! You really made my day/week very special. Hugs,


Rose Ann said...

Fabulous BRAK's, Kristine!!

jonaks said...

you are very lucky to get beautiful cards!

Kelly - KL Stampin N Scrappin said...

Aww, these are so beautiful. Love the RAK parade. :) Kel

Diane said...

Glad your feeling better,must be all those beautiful RAKs that you've rec'd that made you better!
Beautiful ~!~!~!

Donna said...

great BRAKS! glad you enjoyed mine.