Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Halloween, an R.A.K. and a Bouquet

These were my chickadees this last Halloween. My girls are on the end, and the M&M is Carly's best friend, Idalis.
and secondly, I want to send a public THANK YOU to Nikki for her sweet gifts she sent to my girls for halloween, as well as this adorably decorated notebook (& pen not pictured) for Carly's birthday!! I LOVE this horse and girl and you did such a wonderful job on this. She loves it as much as I do ;)

...and lastly, just want to say again how much I appreciate all your wonderful comments and condolences and prayers while we grieve the loss of a wonderful man--my FIL. His services were wonderful. Our immediate family took up 3 pews at the church, and then another 2 were filled with other family. Here's a beautiful bouquet that was sent by one of his sisters that we got to take home to enjoy:

Today when I walked into work, my boss was on the phone and he told me a few minutes later that his DIL's dad just passed away this morning, and not only that, another lady at church passed away yesterday. I am not as close to these people as I was, obviously, to my FIL and Marie who passed away last week, but the mood is still a tad somber. At least I have my hubby back and am back to a normal routine again. I'm so thankful for family and friends and am optimistic that this week will go much better...starting right now! :)


Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

Your girls are adorable. :) I'm sorry to hear of your losses... I missed when you mentioned it earlier. ((hugs)) I've been so behind lately on my reader, that I've fallen into the trap of just looking at the pictures.

Kelly - KL Stampin N Scrappin said...

Oh, Kristine, I am so sorry to hear of your dear FIL and friend's family, too. I am so behind on my blog commenting. I hope to be better soon. Been so busy with the on-line store that I apologize for not being "here" for you too. Kelly

Bunny Zoe's Crafts said...

Oh your girls look gorgeous Kristine and I love their friends M&M outfit! So glad the girls like their treat and Carly her notebook. I am glad to hear that your hubbie is back and that things are getting a little back to normal. Love and Big Hugs, Nikki x

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

The girls are so cute!!! What a sweet RAK fro Nikki! Glad you got your man back home!
hugs, Jami

Lablady2007 said...

Oh my ..you have had your share of sad news, Group {{{{{{HUG}}}}}}.
Optimistic is the best way to go.

Catherine said...

Your chickadees are just adorable. Again, sorry for your lost

Rose Ann said...

Your girls are so darling in your costumes!! Wonderful RAK! I'm so sorry about the losses you have been experiencing with your family and friends. Sending love and hugs!!

the voice of melody said...

This is my first visit and I think your blog is so cute! Your girls (and their friend) looked very pretty in their costumes. :)

Hopefully the mood has returned to a more joyful one this week.

Many sweet blessings!

Diane said...

Things will be better,one day at a time. Like you said,now that you can go back to your normal routine,things will get better!
Your chikies are sweet!!! Love the rak that Nikki sent,very pretty!

Marcia said...

Hey kris, you have had your fair share for a while and I hope that things can pick up for you soon.

Your girls look like they had a blast - kids are really a great help at times like this, their innocence is such a leveller!

:) Marcia

Abra Leah Cross said...

The girls are so cute - and they are getting so big!!