Sunday, October 05, 2008

An R.A.K. and a TAG

THANK ♥ YOU, Diane!!
My blogging friend, Diane sent me this beautiful horse card (i ♥ this horse so much) and these little hats and silver boot charms along with some stamped images! It was such a surprise! I commented on a card that she had made using these cute hats and boots and to my surprise, she sent me some! WOW...guess it really pays to leave comments *wink* =) You are very sweet Diane!!

AND, I was tagged by Juliann over at Pixie Shire. Her tag was so fun to read--she even included pictures for each thing about!

The rules for this tag are to post 6 random things about yourself, then tag 6 other peeps to do the same. So, here goes...

  1. I took Wilton Cake Decorating Classes and started a [small in-home] business out of party cakes. I even started a blog showcasing them, just click on this cake to go there!
  2. I moved 1,750 miles to meet the "man of my dreams" just to find out 2 years later that he was lived right here in my home town!! We've been happily married for almost 12 years now. (We had a Christmas wedding)
  3. I'm very afraid of spiders (who isn't?)
  4. I make way more cards than I actually give out. Running out of storage for them. I'm my biggest critic--rarely liking my cards I've made if it's been longer than 6 months or so. Guess that's good--must mean I'm getting better, right?
  5. I ♥ card and board games, especially when playing with my sister and mom. We laugh so hard we cry. I miss them so much.
  6. Hmmm... I have 1 husband, 1 dog, 2 daughters, 2 cats, 2 bunnies, 2 hamsters and not nearly enough time for myself. =)

OK... I really don't know who to tag. I'd love to learn more about all of you! So, I challenge YOU to do this little tag, and then post a link here on this post!

OH...and just a little heads BLOGAVERSARY is coming up soon!! I'll be doing a little blog candy challenge, so stay tuned!



Diane said...

Oh you're so very welcome Kristine!
Nice to learn more about you!!

Lorie said...

What a fun RAK from a sweet lady! Lots of smiles to ya!

thestampspot said...

You got me at spiders ...... enough to make me crawl under the table!

:) Marcia