Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fun at the Pool

This weekend was fun. My brother's kids were visiting and my sister's daughter was still here, so mom and I took the kids swimming. It will prolly take me quite a while to get these scrapbooked, so I just thought I'd share some photos with you today:
(My girls are the 2 youngest ones)
And they all are doing handstands. Maddy can't quite do that yet so she just put her arms up, lol.
This is the first time they've all been together in...about 5 years! They had a blast!
Okey dokey!!

SO, are you watching the summer Olympics?? We saw the opening and WOW--that was really cool! It's pretty much on all day on one of our two t.v.s and my 9-year old is really into it this year! She's (our little spelling bee contestant) keeping a journal of all the sports events, what country she's rootin' for (not always USA) and the name of the athlete if there is 1 in particular. She's seen & learned about the Great Wall of China, about the sport of "sculling," the different strokes in swimming, and now dad's teaching her about Basketball and she in there hollering "YES" when someone makes a basket! Hmmm, wonder what she'll do when the Ping Pong tournaments starts? Maybe she'll turn the whole thing into a story for extra credit this school year? Who knows! :)
OH, one more thing... for those of you in my commenter's list yesterday, I have your "little something" ready to go! Please see the post below for the names of those I still need addresses for (if you'd like to get it, that is) :)


Diane said...

Those pics are wonderful Kristine!
Looks like they enjoyed being together,5 years is a long time!!
I had the same kind of weekend,we drove 4 hrs to meet some cousins I hadn't seen in 16 years!!!!
Wow,it was something else!
Hopefully your kids will see their cousins more often,family is a wonderful thing,keep in touch we them!!!

Bunny Zoe's Crafts said...

Hi Kristine, looks like your children were having lots of fun. Hugs Nikki x

Lorie said...

Gosh I wish my youngest would learn how to swim! It would be so much more fun for him!

Jane said...

Great pictures. Looks like they are having a great time. The handstand picture cracks me up. It's great that your family is able to be around for a bit for you as well.


Kelly - KL Stampin N Scrappin said...

That's really cool. They look like they had a TERRIFIC time! Happy the cousins got to spend time together. :) Kel

Abra Leah Cross said...

They will love that they have those pictures to look back on. My kids love spending time with their cousins (and they only live a mile away!).

We are Olympic-Fixiated at our house, too. We are pretty big sports fans anyway - our house is non-stop football during the season. And I'm a HUGE basketball fan (I even pay for the NBA League Pass!) Can't wait to see how she decorates the front of her journal!!! :)

Rose Ann said...

How fun...and what great pictures too!!