Saturday, June 14, 2008


I FOUND MY EDITING SOFTWARE!! :D I literally screamed for joy this morning when I found my cd with photo editing software. I was missing it ever since my computer crashed about 3 or 4 weeks ago!! SO, now I make my header look better (not so jaggedy) and add special effects. It's not like PHOTOSHOP or anything (though I only WISH it was!!), but it came on a cd of vacation pics that I had Wal-Mart put on cd and the software came with it. I happened across it today only because I was looking for a certain picture for Father's Day. God is sooo good! If it weren't Father's Day tomorrow, it could've been years before I would've looked in THAT cd case! lol. YEA ME!!

1 comment:

Seleise said...

love your header! super cute! glad you found your software. can you help me find one of my stamps? LOL! :)