Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My hard drive crashed, so I'll be offline for a while. My husband brought home his crappy laptop that;s takig me forever to work the cursor, he's laughing at my typing--the stupid keys are not in the right position. Lol. He just said "they'll be laughing at YOU cause you don't knkow how to use a laptop" haha. yup, well, if the sensor dealy worked proper Maybe I COULD! anyway, I'll post some stuff when we get a new hard drive :( Talk about withdrawals.


Krisstee said...

You are funny............LOL
I love my laptop.....I can sit in my big compfy chair!
I know what you mean about the cursor...turn the durn thing off and hook up a mouse......you will learn to love it........then he will be sorry. *wink*

Bunny Zoe's Crafts said...

Hi Kristine, I can imagine how you must be feeling and would be climbing up the walls without my computer. It is on 24 hours a day in our household. Hope it gets sorted soon. Hugs, Nikki x

Lorie said...

Ahhhh...I feel your frustration! Here is hoping you get your computer fixed soon!

Kelly - KL Stampin N Scrappin said...

Believe me girlfriend, no one feels your frustration as much as I did about 1-1/2 months ago myself. Stinkin' hard drives ain't what they used to be (LOL). . . ok, now the Old Gray Mare song is in my head. Anyway, I am not laughing at you. I can't stand laptop keyboards or touchpads either (I am used to my ergonomic keyboard and mouse). Hang in there, girlfriend. I hope your hard drive was still under warranty. :) Kel

Diane said...

I feel the same way about laptops!
Hang in there girl,hope yours will
be fixed asap!

Danyelle Kessler said...

I feel for ya! Takes a little getting used to, but after that you can't function without the laptop. Pssst. I got a pink one so no one else in the family will want to take it out and use it.

Anita said...

I feel soooo bad for you. I know what it's like trying to use a laptop. My hubby just bought a laptop and when we go places, I used his laptop. I HATE IT! I can hardly work it. And he's so possessive about it - if I "bang" the keys too hard he's right there wanting to know what I'm doing to his computer. Just because he types with one finger and I type faster than the keys can keep up, doesn't give him the right to question me about working HIS computer! LOL

Good luck!


~KRISTY~ said...


Belas Creating Place said...

Hey Kristine..I will keep in touch and look for you. The girls look like they had fun....I love hosting summer splash parties in my backyard. Only it is still too cold here.
I absolutely adore the gift you made with the chocolates. Beautiful.
Take care and talk to you soon,