Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Country Living

Just thought I'd show you our big backyard. :D Actually, we do have a fenced in yard for the girls, but this is what is just on the other side. We love the country-living. My girls get a huge kick out of the baby calves and they even name them. They can keep track of them by the #s on their tags. Anyway, no we don't own these cows...they are our neighbors--they own a cattle ranch, as well as a few horses for rounding them up. My girls got to bottle feed a couple of the newborn calves. Wish I got pics of that, maybe next time. We may not have the "Martha Stewart" style of country living, but we love it here. It doesn't stink either, believe it or not... not like say a feed lot! Anyway, just wanted to share.

Here's a couple of the "toddlers" as my girls call them. Not so little calves anymore.


Lorie said...

How cool is that! I miss living in the country for this reason exactly. It looks so beautiful where you are!

Linsey said...

hehe, how fun! I think cows are just great! My DH is scared of them, lol! He was once surrounded by them as a child and thought they were gonna attack him and he still holds it against all cows :) My Mom grew up on a farm and had a pet cow named Peanut, isn't that cute?! Thanks for sharing pics of your *backyard*, lol! Mine is not nearly as cool!

Marcia said...

Wow Kristine. Having grown up on a farm I can really appreciate the peace that these photos show. Thank you for sharing this, makes me want to drive up to my parents place and rest!