Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Allergy Shots and a Kid's Card

Can you believe that my 7 year old daughter made this card?! And the ONLY thing I helped her with is I cut a few strips of paper to cover the right hand fence so she could stamp the tree behind it. She did everything else herself!! :D
This set is called "Big Backyard" from A Chemistry With Paper. She added yellow stickles to the doggy's spots and the roses. She also cut her own cloud tempate and make the sky :D
Here's a close up of the dog with the bone in his mouth.
And secondly, today I went in for allergy shots. Not fun. They poked me 58 times (same sitting) and I'm allergic to 50 of them!! Some of them were off the charts and the welts were so big and running together with the ones next to them that it made it hard to even measure. All that just to have him tell me to come back in 2 months and we might put you on shots. GRRRRR!!!! I was sooo disappointed. He's a firm believer in nasal sprays and then try perscription antihistimines and see if that helps first. I told him "Been there, done that" and he said, well, come back in 1 mo. and we might start shots then. I was sooo irritated by his attitude and decisions. I actually had to have steroids after the testing because my welts were so bad. THEN, they tested me on food allergies, just a few, but I'm allgergic to wheat, eggs and peanuts too. I have to go 10 days straight cutting out all the foods I tested positive for. So, no more breads, noodles, most of the stuff I like! Hmmm...maybe I'll lose some of these extra pounds I don't need!! LOL :D Well, pray for me please that I get through this next month.


Lorie said...

Tell your daughter that her card absolutely ROCKS!!! I'm sorry about your allergy stuff. I'm sure that is incredibly frustrating and a lot daunting to think about. I hope the next month goes really fast for you!

~KRISTY~ said...


Kelly - KL Stampin N Scrappin said...

Your daughter's card is adorable. What a terrific scene! Wow, she really gets her artistic ability from mom, I am guessing.

Sorry to hear about your allergy test. I have allergies, too, but I have never been tested. I just keep taking the pills. I totally understand the cutting of breads, noodles, etc. That seems to be the ONLY way that I can lose weight, but I totally HATE to give them up. Wishing you the best with your allergies! Kel

Trina said...

What an amazing card!!! Like mother like daughter!! You let her know that we think she is amazing.

And as for the allergies, you poor girl!! Allergies suck, I know, I was on shots for 5 years! My allergies changed then, and I haven't needed the shots anymore. I did notice on your list, that you said no wheat, eggs or nuts. I didn't see anything about chocolate or ice cream though...are you sure that you are going to lose weight?

Jane said...

Wow, your daughter did a great job making this whole scene!

Sorry about the allergies. That sucks. Is there a way you could switch doctors to one who will listen to you?


Marcia said...

It is amazing how much our kids take in when we stamp - mini artists in the making. She has done a great job!

Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

OH Kristine, I feel for you, girl! I'm allergic to animals and have some other seasonal allergies, but not as bad as my 4 year old daughter. Her allergies have been TERRIBLE lately. . .waking up with her eyes swollen shut and rubbing them constantly. She may end up on allergy shots one day too. Right now she just has a prescription antihistamine and I carry an Epi-Pen for her egg and peanut allergies. I hope you get it all straightened out and feel better! I'm keep you in my thoughts and prayers! By the way, LOVE your daughter's card. TOO cute!

sparkplug17 said...

You're in my thoughts! I hope it gets better for ya! But your DD's card is just darling.


Belas Creating Place said...

Kristine: this is adorable. She is so talented..glad you share that fantastic gene.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I went through what you went through at the allergist only I had 133 shots. They did all of the molds, pet danders, pollens and all of the "big" foods at the same time. They told me I was allergic to wheat, soy, peanuts and egg alond with a bunch of other things. I did what you did and cut it ALL out which means I ate a lot of rice based products, fruits, etc. and they symptoms didnt really improve. I later went and had my blood drawn (14 viles no joke) to have all the foods retested that way bc it is supposed to be more accurate and almost none showed up as allergic that way....So, while I watch what I eat now and try not to have TOO much of those things, I hevn't had to give them up completely. Although I do have a lot of stomach upset and bloat and hives if i eat too much of a wrong thing! Just wanted you to know you're not the only one!

Diane said...

Way to go girl!! Tell her she's as
wonderful as her MOM!!! Very cute

Seleise said...

she did a fabulous job with the card! It's so cute and the glitter and colors are wonderful!