Monday, March 31, 2008

Whoops--Wonky Links

Sorry gals! It's been brought to my attention that some of the links in my blogroll are not linking correctly. I think it's 'cause Instead of adding them "as a linking list," I added them as text and so when I add someone, it copies the html link from the person before or right after the new one? SO... instead of trying to figure out all of them, I'm going to delete and add them as links *slapping forehead* which is what I should've done to begin with! Aren't computers wonderfuL? I know what you're saying..."it's not the computer--it's the person running it!!" :D LOL. If I don't get your blog link back here, PLEASE let me know ok? I don't mean to purposely leave anyone off. THANKS!!


Diane said...

Not sure if you'll get this,cuz I left a comment here yest and it's not posted. Anyways I'll try,please check my blog cuz I gave you an award!!

Linsey said...

Hi Kristine, sorry for your troubles--what a pain for ya :( Well, I love your song and the frontpage header, so gorgeous! I've been neglecting my blogging lately, so I wanted to check in with u. Is that your home?! If so, please invite me over asap, lol! No really, I would want to hang with you no matter, but your craft room surely looks fabulous too! Spring cleaning and organizing, I see :) Hope you're doing well, big hugs!