Saturday, February 16, 2008

A FAB Blogger/Stamper Sited!!

I just came across this amazing stamper in the SCS gallery and I clicked through to her blog and she has some AMAZING stuff on there. Go See Barb Mullikin's blog if you haven't already--you'll be so glad you did!! :)

A NEWBIE SHOUT OUT!! My new blogger friend Diane Lapointe JUST started blogging this month!! She has some really cute stuff on her blog as well, so please go visit her awesome blog and leave her some comments!!

Just wanted to say thank you to my newest guestbook signees: Kelly S. from Enderby CAN, Laurie from MI, Fran G. from KY, Lisa Chavoustie from NY, and Rhonda G. from UT!!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!! My readers make the effort very worthwhile!! :) Flower


Diane said...

She does have a great blog,I added you to my blog friends cause I love your blog!!!{Smile}

Diane said...

Gee thanks Kristine,that's so sweet of you!!!

♥ Marlou ♥ said...

must go and vist these new bloggers Kristine :) hope you are well x

Anonymous said...

Kristine, I found your site yesterday and WOW, I think I died at went to heaven. I love the christmas baubles and the lacy Christmas star tree ornament. You are in my favourites now. You are a very talented lady. Marlene